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Sep 1, 2007 12:19 PM

Cheeseburger Cheeseburger-Westfield

Thoughts and opinions of this restaurant

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  1. I like it. Pretty decent cheeseburgers, lots of topping options and you can also pick your size of burger. The only thing I don't like is you can't get your burger medium rare - they won't cook it less than medium. We prefer the onion rings to the fries, not that there is anything wrong with their fries, it's just that the rings are darn good. Fantastic milkshakes and malts. I mean, really the best around, plus not a lot of places do malteds, which I'm partial to.

    Service can be iffy at times, put not awful. I ususally ask for my malt to be brought out with my meal, or I wind up finishing it before the meal comes out - there is too much lag time since everything is cooked to order.

    Overall, a good choice for an average burger. I haven't had anything else there, but what would be the point? There are other places around which make better quality burgers, and we go there too when in the mood for a more upscale experience; i.e., Jeffreys in Westfield, makes one of the best burgers around but you can't get it if you sit in the restaurant, only if you eat outside. No malts of course, but you can get a great Pinot Noir instead,

    CBCB is good for what it is, and great if you have kids. It would come down to what kind of atmosphere you're looking for. For us, if we want to be casual, and are craving a shake/malt, we always choose CBCB.

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      Jeffreys serves burgers durng the week in the dining room and i agree they are the best. has to be one of the best if not the best wine lists in the area. where else can you find some of the selections like he has. so passinate about his commitment to food and wine pairings

      1. re: njwinelvr

        I do agree with this. He always has an interesting wine pick of the evening. Must have some cellar under that restaurant!

    2. I must preface this by saying that while burgers are probably my favorite form of beef, I only eat 4 or 5/year, so I save them for something that might be exceptional. Having a 13 yr old, it was inevitable that we would try "Cheeburger...". I felt that it was a notch above McD's and B.K., but i would rather spend a couple of dollars more and go to Jeffrey's. Better quality beef, cooked the way YOU want it, a little quieter. No, they don't have malteds or rings, but a better choice for me. On the other hand, it's still in business!

      1. I haven't been there recently, but over the last couple of years since they opened I have been there probably 6 times or more.
        I agree with jnk. Certainly above McD and BK. Comparable to Johnny Rocket's. The retro theme is somewhat original. It attracts a lot of families with children and groups of teenagers. The one in Westfield can be pretty noisy at times. Service is typically friendly and trying hard but not always refined and particularly effective. Food quality, although not spectacular, has been consistently good. For the price level actually pretty decent.
        They have different sizes of burgers including a "famous pounder". It gets you a photo displayed in the restaurant if you actually finish it. I find the idea of competitive eating and the wasted food it creates abhorrent. But that's just my take.
        They also allow you to fully customize your burger, i.e "Create your Own". There are 30 or so toppings you can select from. Most are free, for others you pay extra. For some people that is reason to go there. I like the idea of predefined burger combinations where the toppings work together well and the burger becomes more than the sum of its parts much better.
        But then there are seemingly people that create a juicy burger monstor with all toppings available.
        One good thing about Cheeburger is its proximity to the lawn in front of the station. During the Summer Jazz Festival on Tuesdays in Westfield you can sit outside (it is typically easy to get a table) and enjoy the bands playing at the stage there.
        One drawback: They do NOT allow BYOB. A full-bodied Zin goes so well with a great burger. ;-))
        Burger Alternatives in Westfield: Jeffery's (Very good, they even have kobe) and you can get the matching Zin, Jolly Trolley is actually not bad on burgers (good beer selection), Xocolatz also has a pretty decent one with good fries (again nice outside seating during jazz festival).

        1. I love the ones in MD! I miss them. They have fresh hand cut french fries and onion rings too and good shakes. And they will cook your burger to Medium! I love all the toppings. Went yesterday when I was in Annapolis had: blue cheese, lettuce, two onion rings, terriyaki sauce, banana peppers mmmm. One of my favorite "burger joints".

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            I said they won't cook your burger to medium RARE. A disappointment for those of us who enjoy our burgers on the juicy side, medium for some of us is a bit too well done.

            1. re: sivyaleah

              Extremely cute decor. I like the many choices of shakes, although they made my egg cream incorrectly. Instead of burgers, we actually got the cheeseburger salad, and it was delicious. (Not so big a stretch -- kind of like a taco salad, minus the taco flavoring.) It is a huge bowl of mixed greens, not just iceburg, and they put the burger in the center, no bun, of course. My mother had a grilled chicken salad that also looked attractive.

              I asked for feta cheese as the cheese, and they sprinkled it throughout the salad instead of just over the burger part. The dressings are good, too, and they are extremely accomodating about your choices of extras.

              The baskets of onion rings and fries look wickedly tempting, but they salt and pepper the fries. If you don't like that, ask them not to do it. Also, try the dipping sauce: it's basically a remoulade, and quite tasty.

              1. re: sivyaleah

                Oh I wasn't commenting on your post. I was just saying that unlike most burger places (five guys, etc...) you get a choice of temperature and can at least get medium. I know medium rare is often my choice, but at least not getting it medium well is a delight over your norm.

                1. re: ktmoomau

                  Oh, sorry, thought you were commenting to me. I don't know about where you live, but here in NJ this is really out of the norm for a restaurant to dictate how you can have your burger cooked. The first time I went there I was was quite annoyed to find out I couldn't get it the way I wanted it. No place I know of has ever told me I wasn't allowed a rare or medium rare burger. I know why they do it, they are afraid of possible lawsuits from illness of the meat not being cooked properly, but still...