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Sep 1, 2007 12:11 PM

Ohio potato salad: cheese, peas, bacon

An old friend in Ohio is trying to recreate a cold potato salad from 25 years ago. It had cheese, peas, and maybe bacon. Sketchy, I know, but does anyone know it? Looking for authentic recipes or guidelines, not new ideas for recreating.

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  1. Ex-WNYer here--from Buffalo, NY! Now, are you SURE about potato salad? I have had the cheese, peas, bacon salad from Iowa and surrounding states--but if I recall correctly, it did NOT have potatoes in it. I do remember the cheese/peas salad had a mayonnaise based dressing to bind it all together, and most had diced onion, some had celery and a few had carrot bits as well. It was delicious. When I made it at home, it was frozen peas, either just thawed or lightly cooked, cubed cheddar cheese, bacon bits out of a jar or diced, crisp bacon, mayonnaise enough to moisten and finely diced onion. Sometimes I added dill or a tiny bit of mint.