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Sep 1, 2007 11:44 AM

Green enchilada sauce?

I was buying a can of enchilada sauce(the red kind) and accidently picked up a can of green enchilada sauce. I tasted it and I don't think I would like it on enchiladas. What else can I use it with/on?

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  1. I would just take it back where you bought and tell them what happened and exchange
    it for the red.

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    1. Invite some friends over and make two pans of enchiladas, one with the green sauce and one with the regular red.

      I think green enchilada sauce lends itself more to some fillings than to others. I rather like it with chicken.

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        Chicken enchiladas would probably be the most common use. I think these products usually have a recipe on the label or a url to a website with recipes, or google on chicken enchiladas suizas recipes with sour cream or cream cheese.

        Depending on the brand's thickness it would also be good on eggs. Hatch makes a green huevos rancheros sauce that is basically a slightly thicker, chunkier green enchilada sauce. Maybe add some diced green peppers.

        You could also make New Mexican-West Texan style stacked enchiladas which are often served with an egg on top.

      2. Is it green chili or tomatillos?

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        1. re: chef chicklet

          Well either way, pork and green chilie or tomatillo, chimichangas. You can make quick pork with onion, garlic, and oregano diced serranos. Then add the sauce, simmer.
          Stuff some flour tortillas and then deep fry, when done, add cheese, lettuce and sour cream, salsa, red onion and tomatoes...

        2. OK, this is a little odd, but it goes great with soft pretzels. I know, I know, but still....

          I made a batch of enchiladas for a dinner party, and had picked up some fresh baked soft pretzels. I later found my b-in-law dipping chunks into the enchilada pan. He wasn't sure it he was supposed to use the sauce that way, but looked like a good idea at the time. Turned out, he was right. Go figure.

          1. In addition to the chicken enchiladas or huevos 'rancheros', go for Chilaquiles!
            Consider punching the sauce up with a little chopped white onion, cilantro, and jalapeno or other green chile of your choice. I'd mention lime but that would risk a lightning bolt from our Mexican posters..:-)..
            Next time, make the green sauce yourself. It is absurdly simple since tomatillos don't need long simmering. No additives or fillers to screw up the taste and texture.
            OTOH red chile sauce takes a little planning ahead because of the dried chiles. You Can get dried whole chiles where you are, can't you :-)?
            Sorry to get away from the original topic, but...
            Canned enchilada sauce - bah, humbug!!!

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            1. re: DiveFan

              "Canned enchilada sauce - bah, humbug!!!"
              I know! I rarely have time to make everything I cook from scratch.
              BTW, I too am a dive fan. Just got my C card last month.