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Sep 1, 2007 10:11 AM

Prince Edward County Restaurants

I am heading to PEC next week and would appreciate any recommendations for great places to eat while there


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  1. Hi - definitely check out the restaurant The Inn in Picton, beautiful spot attached to Lake on the Mountain Resort ( Food was absolutely wonderful and the service was outstanding! The resto also has a beautiful patio and the view is fantastic (located 200 feet above the Bay of Quinte)....hope you make it there, you won't be disappointed!!!!

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      I agree with the suggestion of sinatra1964. We've been to the Inn on the Lake on the Mountain probably 3 or 4 times and enjoyed it. The food is fairly straightforward but tasty. It's on the casual side - not fine dining.

      You can also try The Hidden Bistro just outside of Picton for a slightly more upscale option. The edible garden at the rear of the restaurant to incredible so be sure to wander through it during daylight hours.

      The fish and ships on main street in Picton is great. It's kind of a dive but the fish is good. Across the street is a diner (can't remember the name but right beside either the Food City or A&P) which has really good cheezy pizza. Nothing else is good though, so beware.

      Everywhere in the county you can find fresh fruit which you should take advantage of. Beside the LCBO in Picton is a small tent where they sell homemade pies, fresh fruits and vegetables.

      There are some up & coming wineries you can try. The vines are still young but have potential so just enjoy the experience.

      1. re: Jean Georges

        Yeah, LOTM is by far the best setting. (I grew up a couple miles from there.)
        Food is OK. Hidden Bistro is long gone. You're not going to find anything down here that will surpass what you can find in the city.
        Better to go to Hagerman's veggie stand and load up.

    2. Was just there today! For breakfast, we went to the Marshmallow Room, on the main street in Bloomfield. This is attached to the Carriage House restaurant, which had a great menu. If the wonderful baked goods for breakfast are any indication, the Carriage House must be delicious! At any rate, for coffee and a pastry, try the Marshmallow Room. We both had lattes and I had a rhubarb-mixed berry pastry and my husband had a lemon cherry tart. Yum!

      1. Personally, The Merrill in has consistantly been my favorite in PEC. Excellent food and service and a really good wine list/ bar make The Merrill the best all around restaurant in the county IMO. We visited Harvest last summer and the service was, unfortunately, pretty bad however the food was pretty good. I've read that Harvest continues to have service issues so I can't offer a recommendation at this time. I can, however, recommend Harvest's new food shop "Pinch Gourmet" which sells County produce including the best rib-eye's I've ever cooked at home. The Waring House Pub is also a good time and features better than average pub food but the Waring House's main Dining Room can be skipped. I have heard good things about The Carriage House as well. Finally, The Milford Bistro (formerly owned by Michael Potter's of Harvest) has re-opened with new owners. We visited them for lunch last month and it was pretty good. The do a BBQ skewer menu (chicken, beef, veggie or shrimp) with a choice of a zillion different homemade marinades. I thought it was a neat concept and made for a really good lunch. They do serve a dinner menuy as well and I'd love to hear how it is. Also, another good lunch option is The Cellar in Bloomfield. No alcohol is served but the food there is really very good.

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          I agree with Leforge about Waring House. My one (and only) dining room experience was reminiscent of what Toronto dining was like 35 years ago: dried out tasteless meats smothered in unrecognizable gravies. On the other hand the pub is lively and the pub food is quite good.

          I've heard good things about Angéline's in Bloomfield but haven't been there.

        2. We went to PEC last weekend, and enjoyed it very much. The B&B we stayed at was very nice and the owners gave us some good tips about the area.

          We planned on checking out some of the restaurants mentioned here, but ended up going more low key instead.

          Currah's was a little disappointing - but the ambiance was fairly nice (which might explain the busy FRI night).

          Schooners Fish & Chips (on the Main Street - across from the A&P). Very good and very reasonable. We wanted to go back the next day, but they are closed on Sundays. Haddock & Chips (single + double order) + tax + tip = $22.

          Coach's (a Pub). Didn't really set out to go there, but many other places were closed ater 9 pm on a SAT night. Looked empty in the front, but the people were hanging out in the back where there were TVs and a pool table. I got a Buffalo chicken wrap + soup and she got a Hot turkey sandwich + fries + soup. I think both were $8.50. This was a very good meal, especially the chicken noodle soup - which came out in a HUGE bowl. The wrap and hot sandwich were very good and filling.

          We picked up some very fresh tomatoes at Hagermans Farm - which is just outside of Picton (I think along #33?) A huge lot (the girl told us it was 5/8 of a bushel) was only $12. We were prepared to pay like $20 - 25. We also got a pumpkin for $2 at another local place along the side of the road, and cherry tomatoes at the side of the road in Sandbanks Park ($1 for a pint - leave the money in the little container).

          A very fun and relaxing trip - and we will be back for sure.......

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            Isiah Tubbs resort has a restaurant on the property that the wife and I have always enjoyed. My wife had ostrich last time which was quite tasty. The view is beautiful, especially during dinner in the fall. Talk about watching a glorious sunset with a local glass of wine and a decent meal. Not cheap but a pleasurable experience none the less.

          2. Angeline's is in a lovely old house in Bloomfield. Unfortunately, the great chef was killed in a car accident, but they have hired a chef from Austria to replace him. I ate at Harvest this summer. They now charge Toronto prices and the service is terrible.If they were county prices, I could forgive the service, but at these prices we were not impressed. For example, I ordered my lamb pink, and the waitress replied, "oh you mean well done." Then the plates took forever to arrive. But you will always be happy with Slickers home made apple pie ice cream at their store in Bloomfield!