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Sep 1, 2007 09:48 AM

Canned FoieGras (sealed)--Refrigerate??

I bought some canned Foie Gras at Bastille market about 2 weeks ago. Brought it home happily for my folks, and upon inspecting the can, realized that it said "Keep Refrigerated". Can this be right? Is my Foie Gras destroyed? Is it dangerous to eat? I've never put a sealed can in the fridge before. Oh man...TIA.

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  1. I've never seen canned fg that said that. You just put it into your fridge to chill it before serving. I have two cans here right now from France, and neither says that. The only thing they say is "Servir Glacé!"

    Cannot imagine that it would not be fine.

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      Thanks-- Yeah, strange, right? It says 'A conserver au refrigerateur'. I figure it's ok-- unless it smells off, I think we'll go for it.

    2. Don't panic. I bought a can of fois gras in France two YEARS!! ago. Kept it in the closet. Got up the nerve to eat it recently. It was great!