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Sep 1, 2007 09:17 AM

Good Malaysian (Mee Goreng/Roti Canai)?

Does anyone know where I can find good mee goreng and roti canai? Preferably cheap on the roti canai since I usually order multiple plates, and some places charge under $2 for it and some charge $7 with no correlation to quality.

To me the defining piece of mee goreng is the potatoes. If you have had the chance to dine at Malay Satay Hut in Seattle/Redmond and order mee goreng, you will notice that the potatoes are almost crunchy on the outside, but soft/fluffy on the inside. So if there is someplace that offers that it would be good. Otherwise a place with passable mee goreng and cheap/goog roti canai would be good. I seem to remember crossing houston and finding good roti for cheap once...I think it was a place recommended here.


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  1. Hi,
    Love Malaysian food too especially the Roti Canai, last weekend i was in Chinatown & went to Nyonya & picked it up for $ 2.95. Here is the link The same chain also owns Penang (but didn't like the food at the penang chinatown, other locations were fine) as well. The only thing is Nyonya is a cash only restaurant so do carry cash & hope you enjoy the food!

    1. I second the vote for Nyonya. There are a lot of Skyway fans here, but I prefer Nyonya's offering, including the roti (which *everyone* seems to order!).

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        Nonya's rotis are hand-made, big and sort of wispy ...

        Skyway, New Malaysia, Oversea Asian, etc. serve the frozen ones. Still delicious, but not as light, fluffy and interesting as Nyonya's.