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Sep 1, 2007 09:17 AM

Good Malaysian (Mee Goreng/Roti Canai)?

Does anyone know where I can find good mee goreng and roti canai? Preferably cheap on the roti canai since I usually order multiple plates, and some places charge under $2 for it and some charge $7 with no correlation to quality.

To me the defining piece of mee goreng is the potatoes. If you have had the chance to dine at Malay Satay Hut in Seattle/Redmond and order mee goreng, you will notice that the potatoes are almost crunchy on the outside, but soft/fluffy on the inside. So if there is someplace that offers that it would be good. Otherwise a place with passable mee goreng and cheap/goog roti canai would be good. I seem to remember crossing houston and finding good roti for cheap once...I think it was a place recommended here.


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  1. Hi,
    Love Malaysian food too especially the Roti Canai, last weekend i was in Chinatown & went to Nyonya & picked it up for $ 2.95. Here is the link http://www.penangusa.com/location_nyo.... The same chain also owns Penang (but didn't like the food at the penang chinatown, other locations were fine) as well. The only thing is Nyonya is a cash only restaurant so do carry cash & hope you enjoy the food!

    1. I second the vote for Nyonya. There are a lot of Skyway fans here, but I prefer Nyonya's offering, including the roti (which *everyone* seems to order!).

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        Nonya's rotis are hand-made, big and sort of wispy ...

        Skyway, New Malaysia, Oversea Asian, etc. serve the frozen ones. Still delicious, but not as light, fluffy and interesting as Nyonya's.