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Sep 1, 2007 08:48 AM

Any Place to Eat in Alpine, CA?

We will find ourselves at Oak Creek campground in October near Alpine, CA and we're wondering if anyone has a recommendation for somewhere in Alpine for a Friday night dinner for about 3 couples.

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  1. Alpine Inn, Bread Basket, Donato's Italian or you can head up to the Golden Acorn Casino..

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      1. re: Cathy

        What was I thinking? Of course, Viejas..
        Thanks Cathy!

        1. re: Beach Chick

          Although, afterLabor Day, as I recall, Golden Acorn does(or did) some really good Friday dinner specials.

          The food at Viejas is OK but as far as the casino food out here goes, there are better places.

          Oh- HBGigi- Your question...Bread Basket is nice for dinner, but even more fun for breakfast. Donatos is very good.

          1. re: Cathy

            Agree on Viejas - not bad, and their buffet used to be a lot better. I'd stick to China Camp or The Grove steakhouse if you're dining at Viejas. Bread Basket will probably be quite busy, as, with this weather, I doubt you'll have many diners opting to eat outside. If you go, they have a decent bakery. Love their macaroons. And, yes, Donato's is very good! For breakfast, you may want to try Janet's Montana cafe.

            1. re: phee

              I was at the Break Basket Sunday. The turkey noodle soup, fried chicken, and croissants were excellent. :-)

    1. Panda Machi Chinese and Japanese. Surprisingly good sushi.
      One place we frequent

      Donato’s 2 reviews
      On our regular rotation.

      Café Mediterraneo.
      A little pricy but I love it. My highest recommendation is for this place.

      Al Pancho’s great Mexican
      Always spot on. On our regular rotation also.

      Janet’s Montana Café.
      Good food, great burgers. I’m not a big fan of their breakfast. Maybe I just order the wrong things.

      Other places.
      Great Mexican, limited seating, better for takeout.
      El Tapatio.
      Alpine Inn is a local institution. It's good but not outstanding.
      The Bread Basket is o.k. nothing outstanding.

      Viejas Casino. Be aware that there is smoking allowed in the Casino and you have to walk through the smoky casino to eat.
      They have a highly rated steak house. I’ve never been in it because my timing stinks and there’s usually a long wait.
      We’ve only eaten at China Camp once. I don’t think we’ll be back, don’t order the Pad Thai.
      The buffet in the casino is good.

      Also over in the Viejas outlet shopping mall are chain fast food places McDonald’s Rubios, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc…

      For a couples dinner, my first suggestion would be Cafe Mediterraneo. No need to dress up for any place to eat in Alpine. Very casual.
      Second would be Donato’s if you are in the mood for Italian.

      Don’t forget jackets for in the evening. Sometimes Oct. in the area can be chilly in the evening.

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      1. re: starkoch

        Thank you so much for all the great info. Donato's sounds like our kind of place! Loved your blog by the way.

        1. re: HBGigi

          I'm confident you'll enjoy their food.
          Have a great camping trip.

          Thanks for you nice comments on my blog