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Sep 1, 2007 07:25 AM

Has anyone been to Pies and Thighs in BK [moved from Manhattan board]

I read a great review of this place in another thread so I have decided to take my fellow BBQ lovers to this spot in a couple weeks. I was wondering if anyone else has eaten here and what they recommend..


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    1. I find myself constantly craving their light & flaky cornmeal fried catfish, but you can't go wrong with either their pulled pork (the bun is woefully overmatched) or their fried chicken. Biscuits and gravy tend to be kind of excellent as well.

      As far as sides are concerned, I stick pretty faithfully to the Mac & Cheese (doused with hot sauce), but the collard greens have a nice zing thanks to the chunks of pork hidden throughout, and they do a serviceable take on grits as well.

      1. Their fried chicken is hands down the best I've had in New York. The biscuits there are also good...I like to order a pie or cobbler along with my meal and slather the resultant gooiness onto the biscuit. I usually stick to the potato salad side and am pretty happy, though every time I go it seems to be made in a *completely* different way.

        The only downside to Pies n Thighs, as far as I'm concerned, is the setting and the service. The room itself is cramped, hot, uncomfortable, and dirty-looking. The service isn't bad, exactly, but sometimes the hipsters there seem cooler-than-thou, and they do that thing where they laugh loudly at crazy inside jokes while you're standing there trying to order. Still, this is my go-to spot for fried chicken in Brooklyn.

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          I live nearby and have eaten at this place about 6 times. The food is good, but not worth all the raves. The pulled pork is generally good, but the bun gets soggy really quickly with the vinegar and coleslaw. To say this is the best fried chicken in New York is ridiculous, there is little to no seasoning, poor. Regarding sides, the mac and cheese is good, the fries are great and the baked beans are really good (expect big chunks of meat). Whoever would eat inside should be laughed at, if you want to eat like a peasant then at the least sit outside....although I would take out and eat somewhere like a human.

          1. re: nitsujwolrah

            I didn't say I ate inside. I said the room is cramped, hot, uncomfortable, and dirty-looking. You have to go in there to order, and when there is a crowd (or even when there's not), waiting to place your order is not a fun experience. I have never heard of anyone actually eating in there.

            I also didn't say that they have the best fried chicken in New York. I said it's the best *I've had*. I've tried quite a few places, but by no means all the spots that are said to be the best. But of the chicken I've had, Pies and Thighs is superior...beautifully crispy, salty skin...moist meat. I tend to prefer fried chicken without strong seasoning.

        2. Do a search bethany, there have been several posts on pies & thighs. I like this place a lot. Good pulled pork (the bun is supposed to get kinda wet, it's the nature of the beast), and love the macaroni & cheese and collards.