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Sep 1, 2007 07:10 AM

Filipino Food Truck

From the Miami SunPost-you gotta check this out!

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  1. Great find - got to check this out.

    1. Another Filipino place in the news!
      Tatay's in North Miami Beach

      Tatay's Phillipine Restaurant
      237 NE 167th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

      1. Miami D, Is that your byline?

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          1. re: Miami Danny

            I'm looking forward to trying the Orale! truck as well. Good info


            1. re: Sobe

              wow... this is the kind of street food ive been looking for... Thank you guys...keep posting... ill be going from the philipines to mexico this less than a tank of gas

              1. re: dbellas

                just went and had both Orale and the filipino food truck...both were Great!

        1. sniff, sniff, we have no such truck in O-town. You are soooo Lucky. Interesting that there are so many transplanted Filipinos in the state of Fla, by way of NY/NJ/CT/VA and the U.S. Navy that this is the first one of these I've heard about. Will be hitting this place up on the next drop to SoBe!! NICE article BTW!!

          1. If you want to taste the truck stuff go early, we went today with some friends but got there a little after 2 pm ( I know I am a total amateur at the whole street food thing), and the guy wouldn't sell us his stuff, he said it was not fresh enough. I loved that.

            He gave us a bunch of free samples (my fiance really wanted some chocolate pork) and said we should go to his restaurant. He explained it was "behind" his Filipino market on 82nd and Biscayne. I know NOTHING about Filipino food and had no idea what awaited us. We thought it was probably one of the Latin style supermarkets with a little cafeteria in the back so we decided to accept. He then proceded to make a phone call to his sister and all we could make out was "noodles", "shanghai", and "americanos. " OK, off we went.

            We arrive at this tiny place were we walk into what looked like a living room, complete with a rocking chair, a TV playing a Filipino show and a rolling "closet". Their little market is across the room. A woman asked, "What do you want?" We said the guy at the port sent us and she said "Oh yeah what do you eat? He said to cook something" We said "whatever you are cooking". We felt so bad for interrupting their Sunday afternoon! But they were so nice. It was the truck owner's wife, sister and their mother.We ate at their one table. They served us a feast for 4, noodles, adobo pork, fried rolls, rice, and sauces, for $27!!! They told us about their family and how they ended up with that Sunpost article. They explained that Filipino nurses and other neighbors call ahead for orders and go by to pick them up. They only sell food made to order. The truck also carries requests made by the port/cruise ship workers.

            It was fantastic food, and a great little adventure. Great family. We wish them the best and feel so fortunate they opened their home to us today! I have to be honest, I think they were toning it down for us, the food was amazing but less exotic than I expected, so we will definitely go back for the truck food, to try the goodies his Filipino friends request!

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            1. re: yomyb

              If you can not get to the truck as Danny did, the folks who own Sushi Bento in Downtown Miami have literally partitioned their space into a Sushi side and a Filipino side. The shuttles from the Port of Miami pull up all day and drop off crew members who fill up the Filipino restaurant all day long. On days when the ships are out at sea, the restaurant is closed...

              Sushi Bento
              125 Se 3rd Ave, Miami, FL
              (305) 381-9003


              1. re: yomyb

                Great story - and 82nd & Biscayne is a lot closer for me than the Port, though it sounds like you may need to call ahead. Don't suppose you got a phone number?

                (BTW, I hope you got to see my comment on that NYer's response to your Ishq post before it got taken down!)

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  i dont know if this helps...but the number on the trucks door is the number to his location.
                  when i went this weekend he was pretty busy. he told me to swing by the "store" which was located across the only car dealership on biscayne, he said to call the number i saw on the door of his truck, sorry i didnt jot it down. he said he just got the lease so i assumed they were not ready for customers.

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Hi Frod. Their number is 305-756-9999. Their address is 8825 Biscayne Blvd. You do need to call ahead and order. They did not have a menu though...but if you know your Filipino food, just request away I guess...

                    No I did not get to see your reply....too bad. Scary huh? Thanks anyway!

                    1. re: yomyb

                      Dang, YOMYB, you beat me to it. I went to the truck on Sunday and got there at around 1. Took a bit to find it. When I got there the owner seemed apprehensive. He some bitter melon and when I went to ask for it he said "you won't like it". I said, "well, if I know enough to know what it is without asking, I should know whether or not I'll like it, right?" He obliged and when he realized I had a basic understanding of Filipino food he was much more forthcoming. He told me about the store on Biscayn (across from Tropical Chevrolet was all he'd say). I asked if they had desserts (cassava cake was one of my favorites) and he said to call and he'd have it. It was a little sketchy but I was going to make the call to take one for the team. But YOMYB, you are a chowhound soldier!

                      Hopefully with all of us bombarding them with requests, maybe a formal (or at least regular) restaurant may sprout out of this.

                      FYI, the truck, and I assume restaurant/market owners name is Irving (or Irvin, couldn't tell).

                      1. re: lax2mia

                        Panpanguena in South Dade is an authentic Filipino market/cafe as well!

                          1. re: lax2mia

                            Between US 1 and Quail Roost way down south. Marlin Road extends from US 1 to connect with Quail Roost near 107th Ave.

                            18623 SW 107th Ave
                            Cutler Bay, FL 33157
                            (305) 278-0560