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Sep 1, 2007 05:18 AM

Anybody tried Sugo in Asheville yet?

Just read about a new Italian place called Sugo. It's on Patton Ave. where Left Bank used to be. The paper says it opened a few weeks ago, but this is the first I've heard about it.

Has anybody been yet? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Asheville has finally landed a good (not to mention consistent) upscale Italian restaurant.

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  1. (Was wondering because I haven't seen any reviews here or elsewhere, and their website has no menu posted.)

    1. sugo is a breath of fresh air in the culinary wasteland that asheville has become. with amici crashing and burning as we speak i was in a pinch to find a solid upscale italian restaurant for my partner's birthday dinner. i saw the add in the express and asked a few of my chef and foodie friends where to turn and wow, it kicked ass. the menu is balls to the wall. the scallop ap. was perfect but you gotta like potato salad., the goat cheese was super cheesy and it helps if you eat it with some cured meat from the antipasti which was classic but edgy at the same time. shrimp ap. was on point. PLT salad packs a spicy punch but cools off with the avacado. not a fan of fois but the other 6 in my party raved about it. crudo was refreshing i could have eated a pound of it. veal milanse was a little greasy but flavors were good. gnocchi was some of the best i have ever tasted. all the homemade pasta was delish. wanted to try the wild boar with fettucini but never got around to it. go to sugo, while they are still good and inspired. as for being solid over time i cannot say. with such and extensive and bold menu the odds are not good. the service was spectaular and with more than a few former high-end food service professionals in our party we are not easily impressed. our server was informed, polite, on-point, funny and delightful. go and best eating.and post your expirence.

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      1. re: kelsey r.

        1. Thanks for the review. I'm encouraged.
        2. Asheville a "culinary wasteland." That's a bit harsh, isn't it?

        1. re: Jeff C.

          sorry yeah its harsh but i along with a few of my foodie buddies have had horrible meals at some of our top picks for food in town in the last few months. sugo made me feel better but i am still cynical. haha. best eating.

        2. re: kelsey r.

          Kelsey - how about some price was the wine list? pricey?

          1. re: leahinsc

            price points are medium to high but that depends on the budget and all. aps. and salads i believe were around $9-$15. pasta and entrees were around $18-26. wine list was good with a variety of pricing. you can totally blow the bank or eat within a budget and still do well. we had 7 people and i think it worked out to be about $35 per person plus tip with aps.,salad, pasta or entree wine and a few desserts to split. plus we had a great amuse and crudo between courses on the house that rocked. the menu is now on their website as is wine i believe. i think you need adobe or something to download. best eating.

        3. I went for lunch the day after they opened. I can't really comment on the menu, I don't remember specifics, but i do remember I had a tough time deciding what to eat-so many things looked good. Started with a fried olive app. Large green olives, stuffed with sausage, and breaded and fried. This was served with a blue cheese dipping sauce. Very yummy. Next was a ceaser salad. Hearts of romaine were wrapped in proscuitto, and flash grilled. Then had a "plt" sandwich. pancetta, lettuce and tomato sandwich. (I just realized I had a lot of pork at this meal!) The sandwich was very good as well. The bread was incredible. Service was great. With 2 n/a beverages. it came in right around $32, for lunch. I would definitely go back.

          1. We were lured in by the signboard advertising 1/2 price bottle of wine (it was a Tuesday). The interior is stunningly different than the old Left Bank with deep reddish brown walls and wood beam ceiling with lots of bold abstract art and mirrors.
            As far as the menu, I thought the entrees seemed a bit heavier and were more suited towards fall/winter with lots of cured meats and heartier sounding preparation. One of us had the special which was a head on snapper - it was deemed a winner. The antipasto app featured 4 or 5 cured meats - all delicious, as well as fresh mozzarella and some pickled vegetables and tasty olives - just could have used a bit more color on the plate - maybe roasted peppers and black olives as well. My salad was overdressed, even though I asked for it to be lightly dressed or served w/ dressing on the side. I know, I should have sent it back. Wasn't crazy about the sweetbread app - bland and tough - overcooked. My mouth was ready for sweetbread I've had at Fig and this one was no where close.
            Overall I'd say ok and I've give it another try. Service was good. Desserts sounded interesting. They are really focusing a lot on their cured meats as they were in almost every dish on the menu, including salads. I believe server said that they were making them?

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              1. re: Jeff C.

                yes, about 8 different ones. Most w/ some sort of cured meat. I guess if we hadn't ordered the antipasto we may have gone for one of them.

                1. re: leahinsc

                  Doesn't sound like a place to take my vegetarian friends!

                  1. re: Jeff C.

                    I ate there last night. Unbelievable!! They do focus on their cured meats (hence the flying pig logo) but my friend who was with me is a vegetarian. There were at least 2 choices from each section that were vegetarian and a few more that can be easily made so (carbonara w/o pancetta). The server said the kitchen would easily accommodate. Awesome service, well priced wine list, great cozy feeling.

                    1. re: Crews L

                      I ate there Thursday, it REALLY is good stuff. The kitchen seems to accommodate ANY request.I have to disagree about the wine list, the server we had said they only bought from one or two distributors and the ones she named are not known as quality "wine sources". Overall... if the wine selection is all thats lacking, well..... thats not gonna keep me away.

                  2. re: leahinsc

                    I was there last night with my vegetarian wife. There were no problems at all. There was a new veg entree and a veg pasta on the menu, and, as reported, you have the possibility of "holding" the meat in some other pastas. I had a conversation with some staff afterwards and they assured us that they will always have veg options.

                    BTW, the food was fabulous, and the service was excellent. There have been no reviews to date, but presumably they should appear soon., We had some wine by the glass and it was good (the Malbec in particular) and well priced by today's standards.

                    1. re: rkcarr

                      The vegetarian situation is not as dire as I thought then. And, as noted above, I'm happy Asheville finally has a decent Italian place. Will be interested to hear what some real Italians think, though! (hint, hint)

                      1. re: Jeff C.

                        The chef/owner used to be the chef at La Caterina. He was great over there so SUGO shouldn't disappoint. On the wine list note, just because he they only use one or two distributors in town doesn't mean they don't get good wines. I've seen their list and it looks as though they will have something for every palate. Tried to go for lunch last Wed but I think they stopped doing lunch already.

                        1. re: Jeff C.

                          i'm anxious to go after reading this thread (i'm a cured meat devotee - mmm, oldani salami), but i'm going on vacation friday, so it'll have to wait 'til i return. it is at the top of my list.

                          1. re: mark

                            Haven't made it there yet. Please let us know what you think.

                2. Tried sugo again on Saturday night. The first time I went it was for lunch and they had just opened. I thought I would give them some time before heading back to dinner. I was really impressed. We started with the veal sweetbreads. I must say, I have never had sweetbreads before, so I am not sure what I was supposed to expect, but they were yummy. The chef next sent out a beef tartar, with a perfectly poached egg. I noticed this was not on the menu.... it really should be. I had the duck ravioli and my husband had the pork belly. The ravioli was good, but the pork belly was awesome! We ended with 2 glasses of port. All said, 2 martinis, bottle of wine, two ports, an app, 2 entrees for 117+ tip. Very economical, and very, very good. The service was also great, with helpful suggestions, as well as steering us away from his least fav. on the menu, which I always appreciate. I will definitely go back.

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                    Thanks for the review. Still haven't made it to Sugo yet but hope to soon!