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Sep 1, 2007 04:54 AM

Bartley's This Weekend?

Does any one have an idea of what the scene is going to be like in Cambridge this weekend? I have wanted to go to Bartley's since I moved here but I don't feel like standing in a huge line for lunch. My plan has been to wait until this winter (possibly over Christmas break) when there won't be as many tourists/students.

So the question is, how packed is Bartley's going to be this weekend? I thought I might be able to get in easier but also thought students might be moving in this weekend.

Any info you have would be great.

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  1. I believe it is closed on Sunday. So better try Saturday instead. Call them to check if they are open on Labor Day. Since Harvard does not open until later in September and since Labor Day weekend is not an especially touristy time in Cambridge, there is no reason not to go.

    BTW in all the decades that I have been off and on in Cambridge, I never remember seeing much of a line to get in to the Burger Cottage.

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    1. re: VivreManger

      There's a line out the door virtually every lunch-time, but it moves quickly. I wouldn't expect today to be any different. That said, it's not unusual to go at off hours and walk right in.

    2. Don't know about the crowds today, but Bartley's is always closed on Sundays and I would call to determine if they will be open on Monday. Old-fashioned kind-of place that might be closed on a major holiday.

      1. Bartley's is closed for the weekend! Note on door says Mr. and Mrs. B. are hitching to Bar Harbor!

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        1. re: fredid

          Stay away from the city and outer surroundings today. It is move in day for a lot of college kids.

          1. re: mkel34

            But as I explained it is not move-in day in Harvard Square.

            Whatever the line there at lunch it is always fast-moving.

            1. re: VivreManger

              I live two blocks from Harvard Square. There are plenty of U-Hauls blocking the roads and Bartley's is not open.

              To answer the OP Bartely's is generally always steadily busy, however as others have pointed out the line moves very quickly. Head over one of the next few Saturdays for a great burger and enjoy.

            2. re: mkel34

              So we have to stay away? They're not all that scary!

              It's a beautiful weekend in the city. C'mon in everyone!

          2. If it's just you, cut through the line, walk on in and see if there is a seat at the "bar" - it's 3 seats, CLOSE together and right at the drink station, so not relaxing to say the least. BUT it is entertaining - watch the grill man who somehow manages to keep all those crazy burger orders straight in his head. If you're going to leave smelling like a grill anyway, it's fun to watch all the action.