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Sep 1, 2007 02:54 AM

Liberty house in jersey city

I am searching for great food for a vow renewal/wedding ceremony. Has any been to the Liberty House restaurant In Liberty State Park,NJ?
If so, any good. Not so good comments?

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  1. I was there about 3 years ago for a wedding. I don't remember much about the food, but the setting was to die for. Hope someone else has more current info.

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    1. re: bropaul

      Thanks for the input. I had a hunch that what your impression of the Lib. House is what most people would think of it.
      My quest continues.
      Thanks again.

    2. How about Highlawn Pavillion?

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        Hi meb903!
        Have you been to the Highlawn Pavillion?

      2. Ive lived in JC for thirteen+ years, and there are still few FABulous places to dine here. The best combinations of food and view I've experienced have been at The Pointe (food not up to the view, and awfully pricy) and The Vue in the Hyatt on the waterfront at Exchange Place. I am sure that both places will charge more than they should (think Manhattan prices!!!) but I would vote for the Hyatt over The Pointe.

        The best food in Jersey City, I think, is at Marco and Pepes on Grove and Mercer. But it's probably not large enough for your ceremony/party.

        1. I attended a wedding here in June of this year. I felt embarrassed for the couple, it was THAT bad. They ran out of clean plates and silverware during the cocktail hour, the bartenders didn't have the usual fixins, and the service was atrocious. I pointed out the lack of clean plates to the Manager and he brought back ONE clean plate with the explanation that there weren't any more in the kitchen!! Dinner was absolutely inedible. We started off with a hockey puck dinner roll that was too stale to eat. The mixed green salad was fine until the waiter removed my plate and spilled salad dressing all over the tablecloth. I had the salmon which was totally overcooked and freezing cold. The rest of my family ordered the filet mignon and out of 10 entrees, only one was edible. I think that my mother said "I didn't know they could screw up filet mignon." But they did. Awful, totally awful.

          The views were gorgeous, but I would never recommend that place to anyone. Stay far away. And if you have to attend a wedding there, be sure to fill your purse/pockets with snacks.

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            I have been to VU, Liberty House and Highlawn Pavilion. Given the choice of these 3, it would most def be HPav. BUT you asked about Liberty House. The view is awesome, the service was OK and the food decent. I believe it is Kosher but not sure. $$$$
            Vu is beautiful, but only the back room faces the City, the rest are side views. The restaurant food is good, not great, typical hotel food. Service very good.
            Highlawn Pavilion is awesome from food to service to view. One of my top 5 restaurants including ny, nj and italy.