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Aug 31, 2007 10:59 PM

Where Can I Purchase Sport Peppers for Chicago-Style Hot Dogs?

I looked on the boards already, and while I saw a lot about sport peppers, I didn't see anything about WHERE I could buy them (online won't work, as I need them for a weekend BBQ.

Any ideas? Five boroughs or Westchester please.


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  1. Most supermarkets sell something called (iirc) tabasco peppers which, if not the exact same thing, are awfully close. Check the pickle aisle.

    1. I have looked all over the place.
      You gotta get them on line

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      1. re: scars

        I've had the same experience. No sport peppers in the five boroughs.

        The closest substitute I've found was a bottle of Macedonian peppers I got at Fairway. They were called "hot fefferoni" and were long, green, and tasty. They were quite a good fill-in.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Thai chilies are available in a jar pickled at many Asian markets. I'm in LA and there are a lot of them East of downtown. These peppers are the same as the sport peppers but like $1.99 for a 12oz jar, so a great deal. Also, Vienna sells the original sport pepper from their "Chicago Dog" but I haven't found a retailer so this may be exclusive to their franchise.

          You wouldn't look for Thai chilies because typically people think of them as red, but they are just a variation of the Serrano chili (or at least that is what I have picked up on from Thai restaurants) but they also have them green pickled in jars and they are a perfect match, not a substitute, I have seen a few different brands.

          Don't settle for Tabasco peppers or yellow deli peppers as I had to for so long ;-)

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            This is great advice. I only recently noticed that bird's eye chilies are the same as sport peppers when I was running low on my jar of sport peppers and decided to try and substitute some chilies I purchased in Chinatown. It's a little bit of a different flavor, but packs more heat, which is great on a Chicago dog.

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              I work over here in East LA and am looking for those peppers you mention above. What is the name of the store you have bought them from? Thanks so much!