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Where Can I Purchase Sport Peppers for Chicago-Style Hot Dogs?

I looked on the boards already, and while I saw a lot about sport peppers, I didn't see anything about WHERE I could buy them (online won't work, as I need them for a weekend BBQ.

Any ideas? Five boroughs or Westchester please.


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  1. Most supermarkets sell something called (iirc) tabasco peppers which, if not the exact same thing, are awfully close. Check the pickle aisle.

    1. I have looked all over the place.
      You gotta get them on line

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        I've had the same experience. No sport peppers in the five boroughs.

        The closest substitute I've found was a bottle of Macedonian peppers I got at Fairway. They were called "hot fefferoni" and were long, green, and tasty. They were quite a good fill-in.

      2. Thai chilies are available in a jar pickled at many Asian markets. I'm in LA and there are a lot of them East of downtown. These peppers are the same as the sport peppers but like $1.99 for a 12oz jar, so a great deal. Also, Vienna sells the original sport pepper from their "Chicago Dog" but I haven't found a retailer so this may be exclusive to their franchise.

        You wouldn't look for Thai chilies because typically people think of them as red, but they are just a variation of the Serrano chili (or at least that is what I have picked up on from Thai restaurants) but they also have them green pickled in jars and they are a perfect match, not a substitute, I have seen a few different brands.

        Don't settle for Tabasco peppers or yellow deli peppers as I had to for so long ;-)

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          This is great advice. I only recently noticed that bird's eye chilies are the same as sport peppers when I was running low on my jar of sport peppers and decided to try and substitute some chilies I purchased in Chinatown. It's a little bit of a different flavor, but packs more heat, which is great on a Chicago dog.

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            I work over here in East LA and am looking for those peppers you mention above. What is the name of the store you have bought them from? Thanks so much!

            1. You can buy sport peppers at portillos in moreno valley ca, the real thing I buy them there. doint try tabasco or tie peppers . portillos will sell to you $2.50 for 1/2 pint the real thing

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                  Ah, yes, the season turns to the crisp days of Fall, and this thread gets resurrected, just as has occurred in each of the last four years!

                  I recently ordered the Chicago Hot Dog Kit from Vienna Beef and was quite pleased!