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Aug 31, 2007 10:23 PM

Capital or Elite for Sunday dim sum?

Wondered if any dim sum aficionados could weigh in on their current opinions of Capital and Elite. Trying to decide between the two but a search of past threads has left me stumped. Many thanks...

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  1. Capital is considerably larger, has cart service, and has more traditional dimsum. Elite is much smaller, has menu service, and has more innovative dimsum. If you know dimsum pretty well already, Elite may be a more interesting choice, though you should expect a wait. If you are not too familiar with dimsum, Capital would be a safer choice, as you can point and ask questions. Capital is very competent, while Elite is more progressive.

    1. Elite seems to be the new hot place. I think it's clean and the food is decent BUT: I can't get used to ordering dim sum AND the prices @ Elite are high/higher. @ a 'normal" dim sum place, you can eat for $10 a person. @ Elite- I'd say it's $20-$25

      1. Depends on what you are looking for and what type of experience you are after.

        Elite and Capital are really different. Sort of like asking whether you should get a Hummer or a Toyota Prius.

        Elite is order-off-the-menu and provides avant-guard type dim sum dishes. Capital is much more traditional, with the old style cart service. Both are fine at their own niche, just depends on what kind of niche you are looking to fill.

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          Had a fabulous experience at Elite, as I thought the quality was among the best I've found so far. Didn't think the pricing at Elite was high. I think it was a $2/$3/$4 pricing structure for their A/B/C items. I seem to recall our party of 4 paying about $50 for our meal. I think we ordered 14 or 15 items, so we paid a little over $3 per item, averaged $12-13 per person. That almond snow bun pastry they have is spectacular!

          I thought Capital was just OK. Wasn't that impressed the first time I went. Thought it might have been a fluke, so we went back a few months later. Just about the same, average selection of items, some of it served moderately warm instead of steaming hot. It's unlikely I will go back to Capital for a few years, unless I read about major improvements to the food quality.

          Mission 261 is the most expensive dim sum place I've been to. I think the pricing was higher because they charged us for each refill of a pot of tea, instead of charging a flat per/person cost.

        2. I haven't tried Elite, yet, though my Mom thought it was some of the best dim sum she ever had. I have tried Capital. It's quite good, but I think there are other dim sum places are better (e.g. 888 in Rosemead). As others have noted, it ultimately depends on what you are expecting from dim sum.

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            I haven't tried Capital, but have tried Elite. My recommendation if you do go to Elite - go early (they open at 9am) and try the Macau Pork - DELICIOUS!

          2. I'm a very frequent visitor to the L.A. area --- just to eat and shop. Please tell me where Capital and Elite are located. Hubby and I would like to try the dim sum at both places. We go to Ocean Star, on Atlantic Blvd. in Monterey Park quite often and they are good and the prices are very reasonable.

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            1. re: mommyet

              Go to and enter the restaurant's name. That will give you the address of **any** restaurant in L.A. County!

              You also get the Health Department's score--90 and up is an A, 80-90 is a B, 70-80 is a C, and under 70 you may not want to go. (While many restaurants are A-rated, there are some on this board who insist that you have to accept a B if you want authentic Chinese. I don't know.)

              1. re: mommyet

                Both are pretty close to Ocean Star, just a bit south, down the block.

                Capital is in the same shopping center as a Ranch 99 market, which is more easily visible from the street. Capital is in the very corner of all the shops.

                Elite Restaurant
                700 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

                Capital Seafood Restaurant
                755 W Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754

                1. re: Wonginator

                  Thank you both, Lee by the Sea and Wonginator for responding to my question. I hope Elite and Capital have better dimsum than Ocean Star. Next time we are in l.A. we will eat at both places.