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Aug 31, 2007 08:48 PM

paris & languedoc-rousillon

will be in paris & languedoc- rousillon in october any good moderately priced restos u can recommend thanx in advance

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  1. Languedoc-Rousillon is big, where more exactly are you going to be?

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      near uzes and generally the Gard

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        I don't really know the Uzes area very well, but there's a really nice restaurant in Breau - a tiny hamlet, just outside Le Vigan. It's called the Auberge Les Quatre Saisons and we have had two very good meals there. The countryside round there is beautiful, so it's worth the trip - although it's not that far from you. I Googled it to check it's name, and there isn't much mention of it on the internet, so it would be worth ringing first to make sure they are still open - 00 33 (0)4 67 81 09 36. It's a bit more special than your average place, so it may not what you're looking for, but whilst it's not at the cheaper end of the market, I don't remember it being expensive.

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          Near Pont du Gard is the moderately priced hotel Le Castellas, where we had perhaps our best dinner during our last trip in the area. It looks as if their dinners are now priced at 75 euros, and if that's not a budget breaker for you, I'd definitely recommend a dinner (or a stay!) there:

      2. A favorite lettle secret of ours in Paris is at Nicholas(the wine seller) for lunch. They have excellent country food for cheap(8-10 E) for stuff like dug legs on a green lentil salad or a charcouterie plate. there are 2 of them. one is on Place de la madeleine,in the Norhtwest corner, near Hediard. the other is in the Marchet St. Germain, between St. Sulpice and Blvd. St. germain in the 7th. There are also several other excellent small inexpensive restaurants in that neighborhood. Petit Vatel, Petit Fernand, Cabane d'Auvergne( a little more expensive than the others) and over on the other side(east) of the Odeon, Avant Seine.

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            I guess they're what the chines thousand year old eggs come from. they bury them and dig them up, hence dug legs, or something like that. maybe I just can't spell.