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Aug 31, 2007 08:22 PM

Lancaster Jakey's Amish Barbecue

Who knew the Amish made fabulous pit barbecue! Anybody taking the kids to Dutch Wonderland should check this place out, if you want to get away from the fast food and Smorgasbordland that is Route 30. We took my daughter last week and this was the best and most reasonable meal we had! Great brisket and pork, and the barbecue sauce is vinegar based and fabulous. It backs up to a farm, which is picturesque. When you walk in you can go right to the windows and order takeout or get seated in their indoor dining room, or eat outside. Reminded me of the burger and ice cream joints we went to when I was a kid. And they are open Sundays which is not the case for all restaurants in Lancaster. Sandwiches were 7.99 - $8.99. I didn't try the ribs but LOVED the brisket. And there is a kids menu. EVERYTHING is made from scratch there, we loved the potato salad and cole slaw. Wish we had a place like that here in Jersey! It's on Route 30 East on the left hand side, behind the Dutch Haven (it's a big windmill, you can't miss it) about a mile or two past the intersection of 30 and 896. I think they close Labor Day.

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  1. We tried this for the first time recently, despite having lived nearby for almost ten years. The pulled pork and beef brisket were very tasty indeed, as was a grilled Italian sausage. I do have to say, though, that the sandwiches were rather skimpy for the price, and the sides were not good at all. Fries, though fresh cut, were limp and lukewarm, and the corn fritters were more fritter than corn. Next time, I think we'll just get the meat to go and make our own sandwiches. At $10 a pound, it's a much better deal.

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      This place is OK, though might shine in comparison to other options in the area.