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Aug 31, 2007 08:09 PM

Fried ice cream: where to get in Toronto?

Yes I know it's trashy but I don't know where to find any!

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  1. Hernando's Hideaway on Yonge, around Wellesley.

    1. They may have it there but be forewarned the food & drinks there are HORRIBLE. And I wish I could use a bigger font when saying that.

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        I LOVE the margaritas at Hernando's Hideaway Yonge & Wellesley location. It's my fave place during hockey season for drinks, hockey talk, and oh yeah the fajitas. No it isn't high end. It's a lot of fun and the staff are great.

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          There's also a Hernando's Hideaway location on Wellington, west of Church, by the Flatiron building. It's a fun little place, friendly staff, and I've always found the food there to be perfectly fine so long as you're not expecting anything authentic. It's Canadianized Cali-mex, with a bit of a chain feel, but sometimes that's all you want.

        2. Sado Sushi on Eglinton just east of Allen Rd. makes fabulous fried ice cream, served in maple syrup. Their non-dessert food is excellent, too.

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            The Bishop & Belcher does a Mexican night on Fridays that's basic tex mex. In addition to the basic tacos and burrito stuff they have have Fried Ice Cream. It's the rolled kind rather than actual deep fried ice cream but it's really tasty if you're in need of a fix. Have choice is chocolate or strawberry topping.

          2. I think Margarita's on Carlton at Parliament has it.

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              The japanese princess on eglinton ave has some. Deep fried cheesecake as well. The restaurant is good too.

            2. Tortilla Flats on Queen St. Soooooooooooo good. I’ve only had the vanilla/corn flake encrusted one. I was told to get that one. Yummy.

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              1. re: magic

                I wonder what on earth Hernando's is ever going to do if they decide to enforce laws on handicapped accesibility. Most reataurants you just walk in the door and there you are, but Hernando's is down a long and steep flight of stairs.

                Oh, well, I guess the sub-basement location is part of its charm.

                And yes, fried ice cream is on its dessert menu. In fact, it's usually the only item on its dessert menu.