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Aug 31, 2007 07:02 PM

Kun Jip - what to order?

Four of us are going to KJ this weekend, and I don't know my way around Korean food. I'd thought of ordering one of the BBQ's for the table, and then a (hopefully small) entree for each of us. All suggestions gratefully received.


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  1. the bbq is not that great at kun jip, i'd suggest chung moo roo across the street (bbq is much better)

    at kun jip the only dish i really like is the kim chi dol sat bi bim bap...which is very good, most of the rest of the food is fine just not stellar

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    1. re: Lau

      last time i was there, i had an ojingu (squid) dol sot bi bim bap which was excellent (and i'm from la) so perhaps one of the dol sots is the way to go? dol sot bi bim bap is the hot stone pot mixed rice and is pretty big so after having the bbq - which i didn't have a chance to have so couldn't comment on it - perhaps some people can share one of these?

      1. re: fudisgud

        sorry - realised it was nakji (octopus) dol sot bi bim bap - whatever the name, still excellent! :)

        1. re: fudisgud

          actually i had that too and it was very maybe you're right onw the dol sot dishes

    2. I has sam gyub sar (sp) the pork belly that is cooked on a portable burner. order 2 servings and they will mix rice with seasoning on the pan with the leftover's really good and don't bother getting kalbi there as they don't cook with wood chips.Kun jip is really good for jigae and pork dishes.

      1. Kun Jip is not the place in k town for bbq, but they do offer it. I'm surprised there are no lines here for Koren bbq. Walk around, look in the windows or try another site.

        1. Their ghap chae is noticeably good--the noodles--and their chigaes, like the soon doo boo.