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Aug 31, 2007 06:15 PM

Looking for authentic Swiss

Just back from Alaskan vacation and already thinking about next summer. Mrs. GG has agreed to venture back to Europe (yay) for our first trip to Switzerland. Used to love Roetelle AG in the East Village (RIP) and if anyone is as old as me and can remember, the swiss restaurant (name?) that used to be in the Citicorp Center. Other than Artisanal for fondue, where can I go to get in the mood?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Mont Blanc is not really there any more. They sort of combined with an italian-ish restaurant across the street called Luxia. They still have really good fondue, but the vibe is not at all the same.

      1. re: lanamonster

        I've never been to either restaurant, but since Mont Blanc moved into Luxia's space, one would presume that Luxia went out of business. Looking at the menus on Mont Blanc's website, they appear to be heavily Swiss.

        1. re: RGR

          I was there in the summer. Luxia did not go out of business, they combined in kind of an odd way. They have some of the dishes that used to be available at Mont Blanc, but they also have a whole other menu which is the Luxia menu. It was fine, but did not have the idiosyncratic character that Mont Blanc had in its old space.

          1. re: lanamonster

            Since this thread has been resurrected, might as well update. Luxia closed some time ago.

            1. re: RGR

              Happy to see this thread is revived just as i'm trying to find a place to enjoy raclette in the city. It seems like my options are either Swizz or Mont Blanc for a more traditional preparation.

              So my big question is...has anyone tried the raclette at either/both of these places and can you recommend either? Or if there are any other good options out there?

              1. re: MinhLikesFood

                There is no good, authentic raclette to be found in NYC, I'm sorry to say. Make it yourself - it's very easy to do.

                1. re: gutsofsteel

                  ok just to make sure, you tried both swizz and mont blanc and think they're bad?

                  1. re: MinhLikesFood

                    They are inauthentic and mediocre. But who knows, maybe you'll like them. That's only my opinion, based on a lifetime of raclette (and fondue) eating, especially in Switzerland.

                  2. re: gutsofsteel

                    Not saying it's the same as what you find in the Valais, but Artisanal isn't too too bad...

      2. Swizz on 53rd bet. 8th and 9th is where I go with my friends from Appenzell. They seem to like it, the chef/owner is from the same Canton and is very friendly. I wasn't blown away but my tastes trend more twords spicy asian food.

        1. Swizz @ 53rd is actually the only place in NY, as to the best of my knowledge, which serves authentic Swiss food (at least part of their menu) and real Swiss beer and wine. However, they also offer burgers and some salmon with roesti (such combination is definitely NOT Swiss). BTW - the owners are not from Appenzell, though they are from the German speaking part of Switzerland. They used to own a restaurant in Canada and move to NYC a couple of years ago. The food is acceptable for Swiss standards -- for "Swiss being abroad" standards it's good. The raclette is excellent. I know because I'm Swiss ;-)

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          1. re: ubez70

            Other than using good raclette cheese and good, small potatoes (and perhaps NOT using superfluous ingredients like meat or vegetables), what makes for an authentic raclette?

            Just curious. I don't imagine ubez70 is still around to answer the question, but if anyone else wants to jump in, by all means do.

            1. Oh my! I miss Roetelle AG as well. My brother and I were talking about that place last week. They had the best food and the nicest decor (and BEER!).