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Best Short Ribs in LA

Looking for some delicious short ribs -- succulent, but not too fatty. I'm thinking braised short ribs, but other preparations are okay too. Thanks.

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  1. i just had the most amazing short ribs ....and i've had them at many, many, many places...unfortuntely, you have to drive a couple hours south to del mar...market restaurant - i just ate there on wednesday - i will be posting pics this weekend on the california board...not sure it's worth the drive....especially on a 3 day weekend...the fat...it was more like jelly...almost like the marrow a la osso bucco...it was awesome !!!

    1. Nothing matches the BRASATO AL BAROLO with short ribs made by Gino Angelini at La Terza. On a bed of polenta.
      Sublime! Don't waste time flying to Piemonte, you won't find it there.

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      1. I can think of four places in the south bay that serves up good braised whole short ribs. Flossie's on Yukon serves good short ribs but the service stinks! Both Bruddah's and Bob's Okazuya has decent short rib dishes but the best to me is at Happa's in the Gardena Hotel on Redondo Beach Blvd.

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          On a High End Resto Lucques cannot be beat.. It is one of Suzanne Goin's specialty items. It tends to be on the menu often.. Fall off the bone tender, and very tasty. I like this dish on a cool winter night.. and yes with a bottle of Bordeaux to wash it down.

          1. JOSIE, simply amazing Short Ribs

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              Agree. Josie, and Lucques are my favorites.

              2424 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

              8474 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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                I was very unimpressed with Luques' short ribs, which I ordered based on recommendations from this board.

                I've had excellent short ribs at Craft. Perfectly cooked, not too fatty, great flavor.

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                  Ditto for Josie; love the moroccan twist.

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                    Absolutely. Josie and Lucques there is no contest.

                2. there's a short rib sandwich @ BLD that is the best- moist, tender and yummy

                  1. I had some delicious lean short ribs a year or two ago at Roy's.

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                      Roy's makes some great short ribs, and generally has them as a permanent item on the menu.

                      When they are offered as a combo with butterfish....mmmm......

                    2. Try Le Petit Bistro on La Cienega.

                      1. Aunt Rosalee's Mississippi soul food
                        2781 S. Western Ave

                        1. I just had the best short ribs of my life on Saturday night at Yong Su San restaurant in Koreatown. It is called kal bi jim, and it is a stewed short rib. I've had it at Manna in Montebello/San Gabriel and a few places in Northern California, but this kal bi jim was awesome. I usually have to beg my korean friends' moms to make me this, but I've found a place!!!!!

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                            How is Manna in general? A person at work recommended it, but he also recommended the worst sushi bar I've ever been to in my life(Kiku Sushi in Monrovia), so...

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                              There's a spicy version as well. You can find it at Ddu Rak on Western just north of 1st (in the Paris Baguette plaza), Ondal on 8th and Kenmore and at Chil Bo Myun Ok on 6th and Ardmore.

                            2. This probably won't fill the bill, but the braised short rib ravioli at West is amazing. You can get it as either an appetizer or entree.

                              1. This sounds counter-intuitive since it has a seafood focus, but the short ribs with mustard sauce at Gulfstream are excellent. Not sure if they still make it at the Century City location, but they do have at the Newport Beach Gulfstream. Also, the Caesar salad with fried oysters is delicious

                                  1. I concur with a good number of the mentions, particularly, JAR, BRUDDAH'S and FLOSSIE'S. That said, the buttery-smooth, fall-off-the-bone smothered version at M & M Soul Food, at least from the two locations where I've had them (Confusingly, there are several restaurants with the "M & M" name but, apparently some are knock-offs.) in the Crenshaw District and on the Long Beach/Lakewood border, definitely warrant consideration in the discussion.

                                    M & M Soul Food
                                    3552 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008

                                    M & M Soul Food
                                    2500 Carson St, Lakewood, CA 90712

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                                      The one on Martin Luther Blvd. is not one of the knock offs and the short ribs there are spectacular!!! although I am very cruious how it would stand up next to one from Cut or Jar???????

                                    2. For gourmet short ribs, go to Sona on La Cienega - they just melt in your mouth. amazing! If you're on more of a budget, the short ribs at Celadon (3rd St and Fairfax - near the grove) were delicious.

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                                        I still dream of the miso braised short ribs at Sona! Hands down, one of the most memorable dishes of my life and can't wait to return for this dish alone. Amazing flavors burst in your mouth with your first bite and you just look at your dinner partners with this stunned expression of wonder that such a marvel is yours. They have just the right texture (a little tooth but still melts in the mouth) and it's a perfectly sized portion so you won't resent giving up a few bites to jealous dinner partners. Simply the best I've ever had. You might also want to try the short ribs at Tasca on 3rd St. in Los Angeles. It's a small plate but quite delicious (as is the rest of the menu). If you're with a group of more than two I recommend you double the order. Since the plate is around $12, it's not a financial sacrifice to double up.

                                      2. Nook in West LA does outstanding short ribs.

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                                          is the M&M in carson of the 91 freeway same as the other ones? i agree with the short ribs at ROY's, thats some good ribs

                                        2. the best short ribs we've had all year (it's our favorite thing to order except when the weather's too warm) were by DAVID LE FEVRE at WATER GRILL. short ribs cooked sous vide with cherries and cardomom. excellent! they were rich and luscious, but the cherries added an acid that cut the richness. the cardomom added a complexity and aroma that were really memorable. these were on two tasting menus for a winemakers dinner and the 5x5. they are not on the regular menu, but would certainly ask david to prepare an in-season version before we go next.

                                          1. Cut. Pricey but soooo good.