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Aug 31, 2007 05:50 PM

Mexican in Denver

So I have just moved here (Denver) from Albuquerque and wow do I miss good new mexican food. I know I am probably out of luck on new mexican but any recs for good mexican or latin style cuisine. I have tried Mezcal and was very underwhelmed. I have heard good things about Limon but have not tried it yet. I live in the city park neighborhood. Thanks for the help. Buy the way if you have not been to cafe star on colfax it is a definite must.

Chile withdrawal

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  1. You might want to try Little Anita's on Colorado Blvd and Florida. Its located in a very non-descript strip mall on the east side of the street. It's inbetween a Subway and a Tae Kwon Do studio. But they say they are "authentic New Mexican". I think it's terrific and it is my go to place for sopapillas and a good red chile over a cheese enchilada.

    I am also very partial to La Cueva in Aurora on Colfax near the Fox Theater. Its authentic and very delicious. The owners are friends so I am very partial, I have to admit it with all honesty but they do a great job and you will leave a friend as well.

    For upscale you can try Tamayo on Larimer Square downtown, they do a great tableside gaucamole. And on the same block there is a great place, that I like alot called Lime (you will need to go downstairs to get into the restaurant) and they have a location on 6th Avenue and Corona I think. Zengo gets raves and I have never been there, but its Mexican and Asian fusion and supposedly really works well.

    Senior Pepe's on 14th and Poplar was a go to place for my family when we were growing up, its an institution and I remember it being pretty good. Tacos Jalisco on 38th and Federal is another institution.

    El Taco De Mexico on 7th and Sante Fe is another very authentic and delicious option for traditional Mexican. Perhaps the best Horchata I have ever had. And it holds a very special place in my heart because its the first place I ever had sesos.

    Great Mexican can be found!

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      Conversely, I've not been to Tamayo yet, but was pleasantly surprised by my one experience at Zengo thus far--the foie gras with oxtail marmalade and corn fritter is especially memorable (though I realize it doesn't sound particularly Mex or Asian).

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        I too like Tamayo a lot but have little enthusiasm for La Sandia, its somewhat down-market cousin in the redeveloped Stapleton area.

    2. You might try Jack-N-Grill on Federal (cash only). The owner Jack Martinez is from Albuquerque. Sometimes I just want a low-brow "goopy" cheese enchilada smothered in green chile (always request their hottest) at Santiago's, although the food the chile accompanies isn't quite as good as that at Efrain's on 63rd close to Arapahoe in Boulder, where I am forever stuck on ordering the costillas in green chile. I haven't had it in a very long time and it gets mixed reviews, but I used to work with a group that loved the gringo green chile at Brewery Bar II on Kalamath in Denver, and we used to have office outings to nab tamales for breakfast at La Popular on Lawrence (although I think I'm more partial to the buck tamales at La Casita in the Highlands near Parisi, a good Italian deli).

      There are lots of places on Colfax and Federal. You could drive down either of those streets and find lots of joints to spontaneously pop into. You can groove into Tacos Y Salsas at Federal/Kentucky (newer and swankier than the one on E. Colfax), Tacos Jalisco on 38th, Pupusas Sabor Hispano on North Broadway in Boulder...There are lots of good recs on this board in older threads. Specifically, check out gastronaughty’s list in this thread
      Tacos Y Salsas
      Tacos Jalisco
      El Meson
      Los Carboncitos
      El Original Sarape
      El Taco de Mexico
      Tacos Junior

      And for higher-end, as aka_zoe mentioned, I've always liked Richard Sandoval's Tamayo on Larimer.

      Even though their salsa is in a squeeze bottle and is nothing to write home about, I lap up the good-and-greasy fried steak tacos with avocado at Mexico City at Larimer and 21st. You get three for about 6 bucks.

      Oh, and Limon that you mentioned is Peruvian and is quite good (depending on what floats your boat).

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        rlm - I completely forgot about La Popular! We used to go there once a week when I worked downtown... how the memory fades when not in use. I used to walk in the door and they would pack me up a pack of 10 without even asking and go and get the hot enchilada sauce for me. All the while catching up on the family's week. They do such an outstanding job. Thanks for reminding me!

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          Today's Rocky mentions the website
          They list green chile vendors and restaurants and such.

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            RLM, thanks for posting that site! I went to college in NM and truly miss this season there. I have a friend who lives here and who's father is one of the foremost chile experts so I'm sure we'll be doing some testing over the next few months!

        2. Get to Café Star soon. Chef Rebecca Weitzman has announced her departure for the Big Apple to cook for those hard-hearted New Yorkers.

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          1. re: Pastajohn

            Thanks for all the help. I have my list and will be making the rounds. Bummer about Cafe Star. I am starting culinary school at Johnson and Wales Denver (career change) and was maybe hoping to work one night a week there since I was so impressed by the food.

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              :( When is Rebecca leaving? Goes to show how we all need to enthusiastically support our independent chefs and restaurateurs so they won't leave.

            2. Limon is Peruvian, not Mexican, as an fyi....

              1. First time to this, but I'll jump in with my two cents...

                There used to be a place downtown called the "Sage Southwestern". Cafe Berlin now resides in it's place. The Sage started out in Old Englewood in a little house. Their chili was unusual to Colorado tastes - ground beef, chunks of potatoes in a broth with pieces of green chiles. My wife and I always had good meals there. Not sure if they're still around though...anybody know?

                As far as a more traditional Mexican green chile, I like Las Delicias quite a bit. They've been rated one of the top 50 Mexican restaurants in the country, and have 4-5 location in and around Denver. Not the trendiest place, but always good food.

                A lot of people tell me they enjoy Hacienda Colorado, but in my opinion it's kind of watered down and way to mainstream 'americanized' food.

                Santiago's, with numerous locations mostly on the North end of the city bills itself as having the hottest green chili around. My lips were numb when I tried the spicy...if hot is not to your taste, they also have a mild and medium chile. Again, I'm more inclined to the cheap, family owned sort of places, and DO enjoy Santiago's quite a bit. They've got a good breakfast burrito that I'll stop in and grab for $2 on my way to work.

                Original Chubby's on 104th just West of I-25 has good green chili, but I stopped going there about a year ago, as the place became a little too divey (dirty), even for me.

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                  Local mini-chain Hacienda Colorado's green chile is bland. They list on their menu that they will make it as spicy as you like, but according to the waitstaff, that is a fallacy. You will never get it hot, trust me. I've begged. I do like their chile rellenos okay. The location in the DTC seems to have better management than the one in Westminster.

                  Please note that my pain receptors are possibly damaged. If you are like the new food critic at the Camera who indicates she doesn't like "spicy Latin food" and complains about the mildest level of spice at a Thai place, then you might really enjoy Hacienda's offerings.