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Frozen dumplings in SGV?

Hi, I'm looking for high quality frozen chinese dumplings in the San Gabriel Valley, either in supermarkets or restaurants. Guo tieh, XLB, you name it. Anything that is easy to steam or pan-fry at home and will help me kick my Trader Joe's frozen gyoza habit.

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  1. Go to 99 Ranch or any large Chinese market and buy the potstickers or XLB from "Wei Chuan"

    1. Dumpling House in Temple City will sell you frozen dumplings, incl. fish, pork and vegetable ones.

      Dumpling House Restaurant
      5612 Rosemead Blvd, Temple City, CA 91780

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        and they are quite delicious to boot!

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            They don't sell XLB nor do they offer it on their menu. Their fish dumplings are pretty good. You can ask them to customize the dumplings (e.g. no MSG, less salt, etc.). The minimum order is 50, and you need to order in advance.

        1. Dumpling Master on Atlantic south of the 10 fwy in Monterey Park sells them frozen to go

          1. I know I am in the minority, but I believe that the best XLB for the value is Kuan's dumplings in Montebello. I bought 400 dumplings and gave them out as Christmas presents, and a few weeks later, half of my friends were there at the restaurant eating more. On weekdays, they have a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 special, and they give a discount on the frozen XLB if you eat an order inside the restaurant.

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                Found it, Kuan's is right off the Garfield exit, south of the 60 Fwy on the street that runs parallel to the freeway. Thanks for the hedzup, I gotta check it out.

                2809 Via Campo # 8, Montebello, CA 90640
                Phone: (323) 887-7007

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                  cept Kuan's XLB just do NOT taste that good. I had the unfortunately urge to chow down 2 baskets (BOGO for $6.50) last weekend and suffered afterwards.

                  total waste of carbs and protein.

                  for FROZEN dumplings and bao's I'd go to Yi Mei's on S. Atlantic , south of Elite...

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                    I saw the ones at Yi Mei but opted for the frozen ones next door at Mama's because they don't use MSG.

            1. Up here in Northern California, one of our Chinese supermarket chains sell a brand called MyHall that's pretty darn good for home use, $9.99 for upwards of 30 dumplings. Pork and cabbage, and pork and chive are very good. MyHall is in El Monte I believe.

              1. Just about any Chinese supermarket will have them. You should try a bunch of different brands to find which ones you like the best.

                Also, you can most likely order them in bulk from your favorite dumpling restaurant. Just ask the restaurant, and they'll usually be more than happy to sell them to you (you may need to order in advance).

                1. Mama's Kitchen on New Avenue just south of Valley. They are not my favorite XLB or potstickers in town, but strangely, they are my favorite frozen ones. They are in a freezer right by the front door and they are excellent. Steam the XLB for 12 minutes - put them on to steam after the water has begun to boil. Not much soup in them - which I find is nearly impossible to get in a frozen XLB. But the filling is great.

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                    Mama's just BUGS me. I don't know why.

                    Instead, try Yi-Mei's next door. OG Taiwanese restaurant for 30 years. Everything's tastes ok, even the frozen stuff. Can get Taiwanese pork/mushroom bao frozen as well.

                  2. China Gate in Rowland Heights (18481 E. Colima) sells frozen fish, shrimp and pork dumplings, $14, $16 and $11 respectively for 50 dumplings.