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Aug 31, 2007 05:42 PM

Ame - any suggestions?

I am heading to Ame tomorrow for the first time. Are there any signature dishes? What are the must have dishes? Thanks!

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  1. The black cod and shrimp dumplings is the chef's signature dish and it is wonderful! When I was there we went for the tasting menu...too many things sounded good to decide! Enjoy

    1. Ame's sea urchin and lobster in dashi is exquisite.

      1. I second the black cod & also get the tempura "poke"...awesome! I had a beef dish there soon after it opened & it was good. This last time, only had a few items with drinks. Salad with burrata was just okay...kinda heavy for a salad.

        1. Lissa's Staff Meal and the ChuwanMushi were my fav's.

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            I agree -- the staff meal was my favorite of the eve...

          2. Thanks for all the help with your suggestions! My friend and I met up for dinner before checking out Avenue Q. We had planned to do the 5 course tasting menu, but given some of the course items, we opted to order off the menu. I had thought that the tasting menu would work like Fleur de Lys or Gary Danko where you choose from the menu. However, it sounds like they create a special tasting menu every night...

            I started with the Tataki of hamachi - beautifully presented and tasty, but nothing special. I am a sucker for hamachi, I should have followed the advice here and tried the staff meal. Then I ordered the sear urchin and lobster in dashi. This was absolutely fantastic. I am now an uni fan - the flavors were amazing! Also, I succumbed to the bread - does anyone know who supplies their bread? I forgot to ask. The crusty outside and fluffy inside was absolutely addictive. I had to restrain from taking more bread.

            For the entree, I had their pork special for the evening. The chef just got in a whole pig and created a special entree - pork four ways. Some items were a winner, others were not ready for prime-time:

            1. Corn chowder with a piece of pork belly: the chowder was pretty watery, I did like the fresh corn in their though. I wish the piece of pork belly had been crisped and put on the side rather than at the bottom of the cup and soggy. This was not a winner.
            2. Pork tortellini served with a variety of beans: this was delicious - perfect texture and pork flavor and the beans enhanced the dish. Very tasty and could have had a full plate of this.
            3. Chopped pork spiced and grilled into a "patty" with grapes: I can't remember what this was officially named - however it was delicious. The sweetness of the grapes really enhanced the flavor of the pork. Although my "name" does not do it justice, I felt that the dish was unique, flavorful, and memorable.
            4. Slice of "sausage": again forgot the name. This was a disappointment. It tasted like salty piece of meat on a bed of greens.

            My friend ordered the ragout of rabbit - this was absolutely delicious. It was served with a tasty polenta cake - this dish alone made me want to come back. If you enjoy rabbit, I highly recommend this dish.

            We shared the almond stone fruit tart with ice cream. This was a hit - the hint of almond worked and the ice-cream was light and a nice counterbalance to the rich crust of the tart.

            Overall - I found the service to be terrific. The food was good, but not great. I wish I had taken more of the board's advice on my entree. I will definitely try the cod next time.

            Thanks again for the help!

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              Hi pwu_88,
              I will be having dinner at AME next Sat evening and I can't wait to post back and tell you how the tasting menu goes...I think we'll also order a few extra tid bits that catch out eye if they are not listed in the tasing menu.
              I'll keep you posted.