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Aug 31, 2007 05:24 PM

Fantasizing About Mexican Food....

Lately,I've been fantasizing about Mexican food. I often fantasize about my next meal,as I'm eating my current one....but Mexican food is my heart.What is your favorite Mexican joint that brings fever dream-style fantasies? It could be a Tex Mex joint that offers amazing could be strictly para la Raza....or it could be spot that merely moonlights but still has great Mexican fare.Tell me about your Mexican food fantasies....

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  1. I won't lie. I fantasize about sitting in the cramped dining room of Habanero's with sizzling mesquite-grilled fajitas in front of me. I can just see the onions and jalapenos starting to develop a black char from the hot plate.

    God, those are good.

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      My confession- My mouth waters just thinking of the hot green sauce they serve you with chips at Taqueria Arandas in Round Rock.

    2. The fajitas at Habenero are a big one for me. Mostly late at night. I only wish they were open 'till midnight. Recently tried their al pastor and believe they could be my favorite so far. I've only had great meals there.

      1. The mole at Los Comales. I was just kinda meditating on it just now.... Yum....

        1. Now this isn't a fair question, as there are too many dishes that I fantasize about. I really crave the chiles rellenos, fideo, queso, etc., at Janitzio, but you know about that place, scrumptious. I could spend weeks alternating just between Taquería El Rinconsito and Taquería El Rico, feasting on excellent fillings on hand-made tortillas at both taco trucks. I love carne guisada, and Taquería Piedras Negras, Seis Mesas, and TomGro Grocery do very flavorful versions. An intense desire for La Hacienda's carnitas can keep me up at night. I can't wait for Lent so that I can order the fried fish, nopalitos, and shrimp cakes at Abarrotes Mexicanos again. The very best takes on barbacoa almost have the power to make me hallucinate. I currently like local versions at La Monita and Taquería El Rico. In addition, there are specific items that I very much enjoy at Habañero Mexican Cafe (fajitas, huevos rancheros), Los Comales (fajitas), and Taquería el Meson (mole en pipian), among others.

          I'm not sure what you've tried to date at La Regiomontana, but I love their extremely spicy tacos bañados. They make a delicious torta (I like the milanese and the chicken), and their Tostada Siberia is also very satisfying. Even their burger is good. Plus, all of their salsas make me go weak in the knees.

          Answering your query is making me hungry. . . so I'll have to stop here!

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            MPH, are the rellenos on the regular menu? All I saw were shrimp rellenos on the menu when I was there recently, and I didn't see fideos either. Anyway, I got a gordita there that was quite good, but I found that the salsa lacked any heat. I usually cook at home more than eat out, but I am going to be very busy with a writing project for the next four months so I appreciate all the tips about where to get the best portable food that is easy to eat in front of the computer : ) I'm definitely going to be eating out much more than usual.

            1. re: MPH

              wow, impressive...can you give some of the addresses? Taquería El Rinconsito and Taquería El Rico, Taquería Piedras Negras, La Hacienda's, and Habañero Mexican Cafe (is that on oltorf@s. first?)

              1. re: williemac

                Hey williemac,

                I can give you some of them, and if you type in the ones I don't know you'll get hits using the "search this board" button. Taqueria el Riconsito is just east of the intersection of Manor and Airport in a strip mall on the north side of the street. Habanero is on Oltorf just west of South First. Piedras Negras is on the corner of Cesar Chavez and Pleasant Valley.

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                  You got Habanero's location spot-on. The locations of the others are covered on the various entries on MPH's series on east-side taquerias. Search, either here or on Google, is your friend. A dedicated 'hound can just use Toucan Sam's follow-your-nose method. Once a place starts to get buzz, it usually starts to go downhill. You'll serve yourself (and the rest of us) best by forging your own path. Following other hounds too closely is bound to be unsatisfying to your audience--maybe even to you.

              2. This is easy for me- the carnitas taco plate at Angies. Why didn't I know about this sooner?