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Aug 31, 2007 05:11 PM

Panama City Beach seafood lunch -Saturday-the best?

Looking for best recc for tomorrow for fresh seafood lunch in Panama City Beach, all suggestions appreciated.

Have done search, want best of the best, please.


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  1. I posted the below to another chowhounder back in June.

    OK from my sister...I asked her for casual and upscale...

    Saltwater Grill for both. They have good steaks and seafood. And live entertainment. A guy plays the piano - popular tunes etc. You can sit at the piano bar. Have a 25,000 gallon saltwater aquarium. The chef came from Canopies, same people own it. Similar food but larger portions. We go there alot. Also, Boatyard located on Grand Lagoon. It's very casual. Schooners people own it. It's kind of like Schooners but on the lagoon. They have live entertainment most nights. Floribean cuisine. It's just down from Capt. Andersons. Schooners is still open. 30 Degree Blue is at Bay Point, Resort Casual, fine dining. Very pretty. Need reservations. We went there on our anniversary. Tell them to go to Andy's Flour Power for breakfast. All homemade pastries, omelets, wraps. Very nice people own and work there. On Thomas Dr. near Capt. Andersons. Now I've made myself hungry

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      I second the Andy's Flour Power for breakfast.

      1. re: tiomano

        Thanks for the help.

        Our group did not want anything fancy, so we searched out several places at their chowhound best and, I think, went 3 for 3.

        Smitty's (850) 769-3296, 651 Highway 231had good barbecue but offered a great roasted chicken with white barbecue sauce that is far superior to the Bob Gibson style created at his restaurant in Alabama and now sold in grocery stores. An outstanding sauce.

        We had a great breakfast at Coram's, 19714 Panama City Beach Pkwy. (850) 236-0621. Get the Heavenly Hash with a couple of easy over-eggs on top of it.

        Finely, seafood at Hunt's, 440 Grace Avenue, 98500 873-6313, Their Cajun steamed shrimp and their fried shrimp were perfectly prepared.

        None of these places are elegant and all were busy. But the food was wonderful.

        We had to skip Andy's Flour Power because we slept in, but it looked quite nice and got good comments from the locals we asked about them.

        Next time.


        1. re: Bob Mervine

          Now I am homesick lol. I love Smitty's chicken sauce. Jack Smith who founded Smitty's is a hoot, not sure if he still owns it or not. They also have great bbq beans and Brunswick stew.
          Heavenly Hash at Coram's is legendary. I wish I could find a place in Tampa to duplicate it. You obviously had some good inside info prior to your trip.

          1. re: rhnault

            Not really. More a combination of luck, instinct and some perseverance.

            I did quite a bit of searching on the board and came across Coram's in one post. It sounded interesting and close, so we had breakfast there. The waitress told me about Hunt's, which led us there.

            Another couple we were with had had some food catered by Smitty's, including the chicken, which led us there.

            And the Andy's Flour Power was mentioned in several posts -- we just ran out of time.

            Chowhound is a marvelous thing . . .


    2. Just got back from Panama City Beach...disappointed in Hammerhead Fred's, but then I didn't order seafood. If you have anyone in your group ordering non-seafood stay away from the tough it was inedible and management was unsympathetic. Tortilla Soup was very good as were the rolls. Salad came in a small bowl, separted...diced tomatoes in one pile, dices onions in another, diced cucumbers in another (what's with all the dicing?)...very difficult to mix together.

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      1. re: Rahlyn

        We got bad reports on several of the larger touristy places such as Hammerhead Fred's and Pineapple Willie's, enough to stay away during a Labor Day weekend. No bad reports about Capt. Anderson's, but we just didn't want to deal with the crowds and the wait and the subsequent problems they cause by the time you get to the table.


        1. re: Bob Mervine

          If you ever make it to Capt Anderson's get the she crab soup, the greek style shrimp, the salad with the crab claws, and scamp imperial ; )

          1. re: rhnault

            Oh, I have eaten there several times. You don't consistantly make the Golden Spoon awards list for a couple of generations without good reason.

            I was with a group who were loking for certain kinds of restaurants and, as the "witch doctor/headhunter/guide" I had to find places that fit their criteria.

            As a couple we would have been there, I promise you.