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Aug 31, 2007 05:10 PM

Good Eat/Take Out in LA Chinatown?

Need some quick recommendation for a good eat/take-out in LA Chinatown. Taking bus there tomorrow PM & only stayfor a limited time so may have to take out if time does not permit to sit down for a nice meal! :<(

Vietnamese noodle soup for sit down is good, too. We may be able to inhale it on-time if they don't take >15' to serve.



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  1. There are plenty of Chinese bakeries, many of them serve savory pastries and sandwiches. One that I like is at the Broadway entrance (943 N Broadway) to the Chinatown 'mall' - I think it's named Wonder Food Bakery.
    Good Vietnamese options if you aren't too late:
    Pho Hoa, 818 N Spring St # 103 and 640 N Broadway for pho.
    Hoan Kiem 727, N Broadway # 130 (inside large interior mall), for pho ga.
    Buu Dien, 642 N Broadway # 5 (off street) for banh mi.

    1. The Golden City Restaurant on Hill Street has been there since time began but has changed management at least half a dozen times since I've known it. The food has remained constant but good after all these years. My favorite is the beef stew (gnau nam) won ton noodles which is served throughout Hong Kong as I was told. They also have other toppings like roast duck and BBQ pork if that suits you. The doors open at 11am.

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        Try Yang Chow. It is great. 819 N. Broadway. Try the slippery shrimp.

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          Thank you all for the recommendation.