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Aug 31, 2007 04:39 PM

Sushi Bong (Meh)

Went to Sushi Bong (Yonge St., south of Finch) last night with my wife and a friend. The prices there, as reviewed previously, are definitely hard to beat (i.e. 16pcs. sashimi for $10), but the lady (owner?) was very abrupt, and stood at the counter for most of the time without moving. The eel in the unagi-don was dry, but at least the sashimi was pretty fresh and tasty.

When we asked for water, she pointed at the water cooler in the corner and said "Water's over there.", at which point my wife had to squeeze by another full table in the joint just to get two paper cups of water.

Definitely not the best dining experience by far, but I guess you get what you pay for... Maybe take out here is the key, as their phone was ringing off the hook.

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  1. The set up at Sushi Bong is basically a take out counter in a very small store with 2 tables squeezed into opposite corners....clearly not an eat-in type of place. Take out is definitely their business model. What you do get is outstanding value...great sushi and prices. And yes, the lady taking the orders is not at all overly friendly,..but have you seen the comments about the poor service at Starfish in another thread!! Btw, I was told by a friend that lives in the area to check out a similar operation across the street which he thinks has even better sushi value (take-out again)....hard to believe, but something to check out.

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      I agree that their setup is not for eat-in; therefore, service and decor suffer greatly. I went there with spouse and two friends, after reading positive reviews here. Good prices for the quantity of food we got, but quality was lacking. We have not returned since. I much prefer Ichiban on 15 Spring Garden Ave, just a few blocks south of Sushi Bong.

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        I have to agree that although quantity was quite ample, the quality wasn't as high as I'd expected, simply comparable to sushi I've had at other discount places.

    2. Just there once, and I found it pretty gross.

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      1. haha.. your description of the service is hilarious! I wanna go.

        1. I've had mixed experiences buying rolls from Sushi Bong. You can't really complain when you're paying that little for the gigantic rolls, can you?

          Just a comment on the water situation though. Although, it sounded as if she could have been nicer in telling you, it's extremely common in Korea for places to put out a water dispenser, like they have, and make customers get their own water. I agree that the place is definitely cramped for space and can make things quite awkward when you're waiting for food or eating there, especially on their busy nights. We usually have to wait outside, which isn't bad now, but isn't that great in the winter.

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            Interesting. I suppose it would be ok if they were serving Koreans only, but from an outsider's standpoint, it seems to be quite lacking. No complaint on the price, definitely right up my alley.