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Aug 31, 2007 04:27 PM

What to do with cupcakes that fell apart??

I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes, which, unfortunately stuck to the pan a bit and generally fell apart (my adjustments for altitude didn't seem to work out quite right). I hate to just toss them as they taste amazing... Any recipe suggestions that I could put these cupcake pieces into?


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  1. Make a trifle thing. Layer the cupcake pieces with some custard or whipping cream, raspberries/strawberries, chill for a few for the flavors to meld, top with grated chocolate and eat.

    1. you could mix the pieces into ice cream - this works great for brownie edges as well! Or, make a layer thingy in a glass bowl, cake pieces, whipped cream, pudding, toffee bits, whatever you like, it's a very adaptable dessert.

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        was gonna suggest mixing into ice cream as well; HOWEVER, "brownie edges"?????? that's sacrilege, as the edges are the best part... why would anyone need to *use up* brownie edges in some clandestine way?

        you could also mix some crumbles into yogurt

        another use is in pancake or waffle batter... it sounds weird but it's decadent and fun. along the same lines, crumble the cakes into a bowl, adding a little milk, melted butter, and an egg white or two... then put into a waffle iron to cook.

      2. Isn't this the excuse you've been looking for to shove a whole tray of cupcakes into your mouth? Waste, of course, is an awful thing, so you've got to eat them.

        1. You could use them as a base for cheesecake, instead of a graham cracker crust. Layer on the bottom and flatten slightly (or not).

          1. Break them up more, layer on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven let them get crunchy. Cool and process in food processor or NOT, and then make a Banana Cream or Coconut Cream Pie using the cup cakes as the crust.