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Aug 31, 2007 04:02 PM

Need restaurant near court street movie theatre in brooklyn

going to the movies tonight at the court street theatre - any good places to eat around there? i've heard of Porchetta on Douglass and Smith. Any good?

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  1. Porchetta actually closed recently (it had a very hit and miss menu, although the hits were decidedly delicious. I think there was some sort of falling out between chef and ownership) I believe the ownership group has reopened in the same location under the name Carniceria, serving an Argentinean-themed menu with plenty of red meat specialties. Haven't tried it yet - I'd recommend you check out Chestnut or Lunetta for a nice pre-movie dinner fix in that neighborhood.

    1. We took a chance on the Downtown Bar & Grill--160 Court. Excellent burgers, remarkably wide selection of beer, also mussles etd. Liked it so much we went back a second time without going to the movies. Waterfront Ale House is also around the corner and is said by some to have the "best burgers in ___." Don't know about that, but it was also packed, whereas Downtown had us out in plenty of time.

      1. I think just walk down atlantic to the Beduin Tent and try the chicken plate and lambajiin.

        1. I haven't been to Queen on Court between Livingston/Schermerhorn in a few years, but have seen some raves for it here more recently. And it couldn't be closer!

          1. Queen is a great, old-school Italian place with white tablecloths and old Brooklyn charm.

            Quercy is a charming French establishment on Court and Kane.

            There's also a new Japanese place on Henry and Pacific. Great service and tasty, authentic cuisine.