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Aug 31, 2007 03:53 PM

New Small Chain Openings in NoVA

As if you've been holding your breath . . . .

Chipotle at 7 Corners. Just opened today and I stopped in for lunch about 1:30. Noisy as a glass recycling center, and the cashier rung up my order incorrectly, but the carnitas bowl (all the ingredients of a burrito in a pile without the tortilla) was tasty, with plenty of juicy meat.

Fractured Prune in Pan Am Center (Lee Highway & Nutley Rd). Lots of buzz about Factured Prune donuts here a few months back. Stopped in for dessert after picking up a memory card at Micro Center. So many weird donuts. I just didn't get it. I just didn't get any. I'm guessing this is some sort of variation on the cupcake craze.

Back to your real gourmet meals, please.

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  1. I'm surprised to hear Chipotle portrayed as a small chain. :-)

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    1. re: Hal Laurent

      Who owns Chipotle now? I understand it's no longer McD's.

      Interesting to hear that Fractured Prune is open, too bad I'm on a no-donut diet.

      1. re: MsDiPesto

        I suppose if you dig deeply enough through the links on the "Corporate" section of the Chipotle web site, you might find the major investors, but who knows? And why care? At 640 restaurants, all but a handful company owned, it's smaller than McDonald's, but bigger than Ruth Chris.

        I suspect that somewhere among that long list of donuts you'd find something for the donut loving dieter. But if it isn't fat and it isn't sugar, then why bother?

        Better have your say now before this thread gets moved to the general board and gets lost to non-locals.

    2. Has anyone had Fractured Prune donuts? I might give it a try but at 26 locations, doesn't seem like a small chain and I wonder how quality can be maintained, compared to all the local mom and pop donut shops around. "Small" chains I think GAR, Aladdin's, Anita's, Chutzpah, places with just a handful of locations.

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      1. re: chowser

        Mom & Pop donut shops? Please elaborate...

        1. re: sweth

          It seems like everywhere I go, I see little donut shops. I get donuts at a place around the corner, the least likely place to find them, a little convenience store that sells everything from worms to lottery tickets. I happened to be there in the morning and noticed donuts and they were great. I'm guessing they make them at home, along with an odd assortment of tasty Korean food. I won't ask if their kitchen is to code...

        2. re: chowser

          Yes, I've had them. They make only donuts to order. I am not aware of any other donut shop in the area (aside from getting the timing right at Krispy Kreme) that does this. You choose what ever toppings you want, or none at all. They also have some suggested combinations. They only have one cake batter for their donuts, so the flavoring will come from the toppings.

          Freshly made donuts are amazing. Not that it takes genius to do it, almost anyone can make them at home. But who bothers doing this? Instead, just go to Fractured Prune.

          1. re: Steve

            Fresh donuts--sounds like it might be worth a trip. It's probably an odd thing to be picky about but donuts are so bad for you that they've got to be worth the calories/fat/sugar/etc. for me to enjoy them. There are some bad donuts out there.

        3. There's also a new California Tortilla in north Reston. It had gotten some plugs here a few weeks back that created a little more interest for me. I'm just not getting it. The first time I went was on a day they handed out coupons for a free burrito. So I go back to use it and I think that's it for me. I tried the fajita burrito and the classic. Both were mostly rice, and not very much in terms of sauce. I could add a hot sauce, but where's the salsa?

          Thank goodness there are many other good options in the Reston/Herndon area.

          1. Best Burrito place in NVA is Moe's. One in Baileys, one in Chantilly and soon one in Herndon. After Moe's, Chipolte is like eating cardboard

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            1. re: trancemission

              There is also a Moe's in Leesburg. Last time I was there the queso dip left a realy weird after taste...but you're right, for about the same price as Taco Hell I can run in there and get my kid a snack she'll actully eat. Yay!

              1. re: trancemission

                I was a fan of Moe's when they first opened at Bailey's Crossroads, but they've constantly gone down hill. I just don't care for their burritos any more, and that's about all there is. At Chipotle, I get the burrito bowl-style and I don't have to deal with an overstuffed tortilla that gets mushy halfway through. Carnitas is usually pretty decent. But I suppose it's all in what you order, when you order it, and in what point on the "managed" curve the particular shop is. The new 7 Corners Chipotle was quite the madhouse the other day. I'll wait a few weeks before I give it a try again,, but I'm keeping my faith for a while anyway.