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Aug 31, 2007 03:40 PM

Recommend Restaurant Near Midtown?

Any recommendations for a casual restaurant near 32nd St within walking distance or 4 subway stops, preferably downtown, rather than uptown?

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  1. Eastside or Westside? Cuisines?

    1. Whenever I'm hungry on 32nd St. I go for Korean.

      1. On 32 St we like Mandoo. It is Korean Ravioli's, fresh, you can watch them make them through the front window.
        Also on 9th Ave between 40 and 60 there are many Thai, Indonesian restaurants. Also
        on 9th Amy's bread has light fare to eat. On 9th there is a restauant called Eat that is good. I hear tehre is a great rib restaurant on 11th but I lost the name of it.