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Aug 31, 2007 03:06 PM

Pairing Viognier with fish

Any recommendations for an excellent fish (grilled) to pair with an Alban Viognier?

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  1. Yes!.... LOBSTER!

    IMO Viognier is best as a shellfish wine and is one of the very best matches w/ lobster.

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    1. re: Chicago Mike

      >> IMO Viognier is best as a shellfish wine

      Fully agree.

      1. re: olasek

        I just found out my wife bought some salmon for tonight -- which of these wines would be best with grilled salmon?:
        - 2005 Alban Viognier
        - 2003 Navarro Gewurztraminer
        - 2006 Fontsainte (Corbieres) Gris de Gris Rose
        - 2004 Gary Farrell Pinot Noir

        1. re: Husky

          The Pinot Noir.

          While rich Viogniers work wonderfully with a wide range of fish from turbot to salmon, they're best saved for roasted or poached preparations, especially ones involving cream and/or fresh herbs. The Alban wouldn't be bad with your salmon, but the Pinot risks being much better.

          1. re: Husky

            they would probably all work....

            First choice of above would prolly be the Pinot, but if you had a decent bottle of Chardonnay availalbe I'd go with it first.

            1. re: Husky

              1) Pinot Noir
              2) Rosé

              While both are lovely wines, I'd pass on the Viognier with salmon, and the Gewurz would work only with certain preparations . . . .

              1. re: zin1953

                We had the Pinot Noir -- it was fantastic...Gary Farrell knows what he is doing.

              2. re: Husky

                I agree with the pinot! I prefer viognier with shellfish or spicy foods.

                Got the chance to visit the small Gary Farrell winery where his wife gave us a tour - great wine!

            2. Alban Viognier is absolutely decadent displaying ripe tropical fruit flavors, With that in mind, you have to think of what fish are typically prepared with or are conducive to fruit ingredients. The first that come to mind are relatively neutral fish like Cod, Scrod and maybe Sturgeon. I would shy away from dishes using milk or cream and butter and stick to more grilled or pan-seared preparations. Simply grilled Tuna can be a perfect match as well. Use the wine as the fruit compliment to a simple dish. Tuna Ceviche is a good example of a flavor profile to replicate.

              1. I really hate replying to a question with a "I don't like your parameters" type answer but, for what it is worth... I would pair that Viognier with a roasted monkfish. Maybe even roasted monkfish wrapped in apple-smoked bacon.

                1. Forget the food! Pop the cork and enjoy!!!

                  Viognier is one of my favs.

                  1. Halibut wrapped in fig leaves and grilled.