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Aug 31, 2007 03:05 PM

Trader Joe must haves.

I'm fairly new to Trader Joes and their unique products. What are your staples? What must I try? Let me know...I'm going to drop by after work.

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    1. re: nancyhudson

      i tried to search this..hmmm. I be doing the search wrong. Thank you. Very helpful!

    2. I regulary get their authentic greek feta (comes in tub- rinse to remove some salt); orchard farm orange juice; blueberry juice; frozen mixed berries, pineapple and mangos for smoothies; frozen chicken eggrolls; frozen pizza's (kid friendly); canned marinara in the green can (a great starter for your own sauce); white balsamic vinegar; 100 calorie snacking chip packs in assorted varieties; whole grain rye bread that is delicious well toasted; chicken sticks for dogs; chocolate cat cookies; 72% dark chocolate in the red package; trader joes chocolate pudding in the refrigerated section; peanut butter in the green package (dont is delicious!); less guilty potato chips; raw mixed nuts; mixed raisins (the best i have ever had); whole wheat quinoa

      1. Some of my favorites ...
        Meatless meatballs.. yum ! My kids like the party meatballs ( small sized )
        Natural frozen potato weges... frozen vegetable fried rice.
        The dried fruits and nuts are a strong asset here.
        If you bake, try there one pound plus baking bars... very reasonably priced.
        Ps - Keep you receipts ... they will GLADLY give you your money back.
        I once tried their salmon that was flash frozen ... hated it , got my money back.
        Love this store , have fun !!

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        1. re: chefkk

          I never seem to have the receipts when I want to return things, but TJ's has never failed to refund/replace the item in question.

        2. Try their olive oil, great and inexpensive. I always stock up on their nuts!

          1. Caramelized Onion and Feta Pastry Bites [frozen]
            Bavarian Beer Cheese
            Mintz's Blinztes
            Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks
            Total 0% yogurt
            TJ's Cottage Cheese