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Trader Joe must haves.

I'm fairly new to Trader Joes and their unique products. What are your staples? What must I try? Let me know...I'm going to drop by after work.

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      i tried to search this..hmmm. I be doing the search wrong. Thank you. Very helpful!

    2. I regulary get their authentic greek feta (comes in tub- rinse to remove some salt); orchard farm orange juice; blueberry juice; frozen mixed berries, pineapple and mangos for smoothies; frozen chicken eggrolls; frozen pizza's (kid friendly); canned marinara in the green can (a great starter for your own sauce); white balsamic vinegar; 100 calorie snacking chip packs in assorted varieties; whole grain rye bread that is delicious well toasted; chicken sticks for dogs; chocolate cat cookies; 72% dark chocolate in the red package; trader joes chocolate pudding in the refrigerated section; peanut butter in the green package (dont refrigerate....it is delicious!); less guilty potato chips; raw mixed nuts; mixed raisins (the best i have ever had); whole wheat quinoa

      1. Some of my favorites ...
        Meatless meatballs.. yum ! My kids like the party meatballs ( small sized )
        Natural frozen potato weges... frozen vegetable fried rice.
        The dried fruits and nuts are a strong asset here.
        If you bake, try there one pound plus baking bars... very reasonably priced.
        Ps - Keep you receipts ... they will GLADLY give you your money back.
        I once tried their salmon that was flash frozen ... hated it , got my money back.
        Love this store , have fun !!

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          I never seem to have the receipts when I want to return things, but TJ's has never failed to refund/replace the item in question.

        2. Try their olive oil, great and inexpensive. I always stock up on their nuts!

          1. Caramelized Onion and Feta Pastry Bites [frozen]
            Bavarian Beer Cheese
            Mintz's Blinztes
            Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks
            Total 0% yogurt
            TJ's Cottage Cheese

            1. Definitely the Fage yogurt, the rolled chicken tacos and taquitos that my boyfriend is addicted to, snap pea snacks (salty, just a little crunchy but flaky), organic morning lite cereal, flaxseed granola, tzaziki, the cilantro hummus, feta soy crisps, and white truffle oil. That list is a little all over the map, I know, but they're staples on the biweekly run.

              Also, others may disagree (?) but I think the Moka Java is the best coffee one can get for that price.

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                Nice additions to my long list of things to try at TJs. What do you do with the white truffle oil?

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                  Almost anything really. I originally bought it to make a recipe for pizza that calls for a little arugula tossed in truffle oil and sherry vinegar to be put on top after baking (the pizza itself is fontina cheese, carmelized onions and prosciutto... to die for). Since then I've put it on salads and veggies of all varieties, used it as part of a dressing to put on sandwiches, added it into various sauces for chicken that were missing a little something...

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                    Thanks! -- after I posted I thought it was maybe a silly question for this thread (more for home cooking), but couldn't resist since it sounded so good. That pizza does sound wonderful.

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                  I love that flaxseed granola! It's not a Trader Joe's brand, but it's much cheaper there than at other grocery stores. I love it on top of Fage yogurt with rasberries mixed in the Fage.