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Aug 31, 2007 03:04 PM

Noodle Kugel

Although I am a fairly good cook, my kugel always comes out dry. I generally use a combo of cottage cheese and sour cream but I must be missing something because I yearn for the creaminess of other kugels I have had. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Remember that the noodles will absorb so adding more liquid helps with the moisture. The outsides are going to be dry anyway. You may be able to cook it in a water bath like you would for cheese cake. Surround the casserol dish with water 3/4 up the sides while you are baking.You can start by over cooking the noodle so they will not absorb anymore, then add your cottage cheese and Sour cream.

    My mother used to make an apple kugel with cinnamon and raisons. I actually made it and served it as an accompaniment for a Fois Gras appetizer for a 5-star hotel I worked at. The chefs loved it and they have actually never had kugel.

    I will have to find that recipe for you berna.

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      Foie gras and apple kugel--sounds wonderful! I would love the kugel recipe (did you serve the foie hot or cold?)

      1. re: berna

        seared. Only a small piece. I can't handle but so much fois gras.

    2. My grandma's recipe calls for cream cheese and milk (no cottage cheese or sour cream). I have never head it turn out dry.

      1. In England it is not made with any dairy. I use eggs, sugar, cinnammon, raisins, and dollops of strawberry jam. Make sure you grease your dish well so it doesn't stick.