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Aug 31, 2007 02:37 PM

What do you drink with s'mores?

I'm headed over to a friend's bonfire later tonight for some s'more-making and general troublemaking. I'd like to bring something nice to drink. Ideas? Thanks.

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  1. We would always drink hot chocolate when sitting by the campfire and making smores. I was in the girl scouts at the time but, being older now, some spiked hot chocolate seems to fit the bill! Maybe some rum or frangelico?

      1. How about a rich, slightly sweet beer with minimal hop bitterness? Try a chocolate stout or a Scottish ale.

        1. Bailey's Irish Cream, maybe?

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          1. re: Veggo

            this was gonna be my suggestion; however, the sweetness of the chocolate might offset and minimize the sweetness of the bailey's....

            Perhaps a Framboise based drink, as the raspberry flavor would likely match well.

            I also think a Toasted Almond (kahlua, amaretto, and half and half) would be a nice creamy sweet accompaniment to s'mores.

            Second the idea of a dark beer made with a chocolate malt.

          2. It turns out that Sierra Nevada Porter is EXCELLENT with s'mores! Thanks for the dark beer recommendations. I'll have to try the others before the summer ends...