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What do you drink with s'mores?

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I'm headed over to a friend's bonfire later tonight for some s'more-making and general troublemaking. I'd like to bring something nice to drink. Ideas? Thanks.

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  1. We would always drink hot chocolate when sitting by the campfire and making smores. I was in the girl scouts at the time but, being older now, some spiked hot chocolate seems to fit the bill! Maybe some rum or frangelico?

    1. milk!

      1. How about a rich, slightly sweet beer with minimal hop bitterness? Try a chocolate stout or a Scottish ale.

        1. Bailey's Irish Cream, maybe?

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            this was gonna be my suggestion; however, the sweetness of the chocolate might offset and minimize the sweetness of the bailey's....

            Perhaps a Framboise based drink, as the raspberry flavor would likely match well.

            I also think a Toasted Almond (kahlua, amaretto, and half and half) would be a nice creamy sweet accompaniment to s'mores.

            Second the idea of a dark beer made with a chocolate malt.

          2. It turns out that Sierra Nevada Porter is EXCELLENT with s'mores! Thanks for the dark beer recommendations. I'll have to try the others before the summer ends...