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Aug 31, 2007 02:13 PM

Elote- Should this put me off? - Sedona, AZ

The hubby and I are heading to Sedona to celebrate my birthday and a much needed night away without the kidlet. I knew immediately that I wanted to dine at Elote as I loved Los Sombreros when Jeff Smedstad was there. I called last night before 5pm to make a reservation and this is how the conversation went.

Hostess: Hello Elote
Me: Yes, Hello I am calling to make a dinner reservation for September 15th, do you have availability?
Hostess: (side bar conversation, laughing) um huh, oh yeah the 15th sure.
Me: ok great
Hostess: silence and long pause
Me: clearing my throat.. There will be two of us for dinner, at
Hostess: NAME
Me: taken off guard from being cut off... I give her my last name with spelling
Hostess: Ok Thanks. HANGS UP

Ring, Ring, Ring

Hostess: Hello Elote
Me: Would you like to know what time to expect us?
Hostess: hmmmm....
Me: We just spoke, you hung up on me (I give name of reservation) is 7pm available?
Hostess: Cheerfully says yes and hangs up again.

Am I being too sensitive here in the fact that I expect professional service from the person taking my reservation? This is how I see it, the hostess/host is the 1st face of the restaurant that we have an experience with so when that 1st experience is a bad one it can sometimes set a tone of pessimism. Granted I am still going to have dinner at Elote as I have always enjoyed Jeff Smedstad’s food but am a bit put off right now at my first interaction. Does anyone else have any experiences good or bad with Elote?

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  1. I've come to learn that a lot of hostesses are young, high school or just out of high school girls. They aren't as polished sometimes and are considered an entry level position. Sure, it's a reflection, but I try not to take it very seriously.

    1. AZB is right... a lot of hostesses are either ditzes or ice queens (I've seen them both), and you got stuck with the former. Call back and ask to speak with a manager. Let them know you had tried to make a reservation for the 15th but aren't sure that the hostess actually put it in the book.

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      1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

        Does anyone take the time to try to train a ditz and/or ice queen as to what a hostess is supposed to ASK when taking a reservation? Or do restaurateurs expect these young lovelies to possess such a skill when they walk in the door. With every member of a family now having his/her own cell phone and/or Blackberry and/or computer for communications, and with such phone features as caller ID, the household telephone has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Children are no longer taught telephohne manners (in many cases, no manners at all), so a hostess job might be the first time the ditz/ice queen has ever conducted a telephone transaction.

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          Oh yes, many have taken the time... and subsequently given up. The really ditzy ones can only be trained on so much before they forget the first things you showed them. As for the ice queens, they think their method of doing things is SO much better than anybody else's that attempting to train them in any other method is about as effective as teaching a gerbil how to ride a unicycle.

      2. I agree with JK...I seriously doubt you have a reservation. I would verify it with the manager.