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Aug 31, 2007 01:18 PM

Diner worth a roadtrip

My husband and I live in south Orange County and would love to get outta Dodge and spend the final weekend of summer on the road. It's a last minute thing and our sole requirements are that we stay near the coast and find a classic diner, preferably with strong coffee, 24 hr service (great, but not necessary), and of course, the non-negotiable, CHOW-worthy eats. We'll drive as far north as SF... Suggestions, bring em on!

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  1. Have heard the following may be worth a trip:

    Patrick's Roadhouse
    106 Entrada Dr.
    Santa Monica, CA 90402
    Tel: (310) 459-4544

    Can't speak from personal experience but I know there was an LA Times article on it within the past couple of weeks.

    1. Rock 'n Roll Diner
      Oceano, CA (San Luis Obispo county)
      Even has a full bar and good bloody marys.

      Nice hotel on the ocean nearby:
      Sea Venture Resort
      Pismo Beach, CA
      Also has a decent restaurant.

      There are a lot of oceanfront hotels in SLO county, but I think the Sea Venture is a little off the beaten path and out of the tourist area in Shell Beach.