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Aug 31, 2007 01:14 PM

Lunch in Niagara Region on Saturday. Where?

Last summer, we did the restaurant at Peninsula Ridge, which was very good.

We want to go again tomorrow and try somewhere else.

Is the restaurant at Peller Estates any good?

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Niagara Teaching College Restaurant. Really good and really reasonable. Very good value

    1. We had a fabulous lunch at Treadwell's in Port Dalhousie a few weeks ago. It's a lovely restaurant on the water, serving farm-to-table cuisine.

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        Treadwell is great. Easily the best food in the entire Niagara region.

        1. re: cybergod

          Thanks for the suggestions.

          Had lunch at Treadwell yesterday, after picking two containers of the most beautiful blackberries I have ever seen. We went to Thiessen Farms (I think they do Nathan Phillips and East York farmers markets).

          We gorged on them last night but still have tons, more than we know what to do with. I think we've decided to give a bunch away and freeze some too.

          The meal at Treadwell was excellent and I loved the setting.

          We usually get two apps and two mains and just everything.

          We had (in addition to a glass each of some very tasty Niagara white wine):

          Carrot/ginger soup with chives and cilantro. Excellent.

          Red gnocci made with wine skins? with garlic, mushrooms and oven roasted tomatoes. YUM.

          Confit duck poutine style. Matchstick frites with real cheese curds and a red wine reduction next to a big, crisp, super moist confit duck leg. Do I need to say any more?

          Crab BLT. Not nearly enough bacon. I don't even think I tasted the bacon. Overall, very good though, and the toasted brioche was excellent.

          Peaches three ways: rice pudding, poached on shortbreat with cream, and sorbet. AMAZING, fresh peach flavour.

          Overall, a great lunch. We will definitely go back.

      2. I will definitely second the Niagara Teaching college. It's a beautiful room and the food can be quite good. The food and service can be a little spotty, but give them a beak since they are students. The wines are good too, especially the Pinot Noir Reserve.

        If you want to eat outside I would recommend Vineland Estates. The patio is georgeous, with a giant tree in the middle to provide shade. You overlook the vineyards and can even see the lake in the distance. Their tasting room is spectacular. Try their dry and off-dry Reislings and their Cabernet Franc. Their "premium" wines aren't worth the money so stick with their standard offerings.

        1. For something light, seasonal and laid-back, I recommend the Coach House Cafe at Henry of Pelham, Good: antipasto platter. Better: tasting flight of wine.

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            In answer to your question, YES, the restaurant at Peller is good. Very formal, and a little bit on the pricey side (mains in the 20$ range, prix fixe 3 course for 40$), but the food is outstanding.

            Also good is the Old Winery restaurant on highway 55, much less expensive, wood-oven pizzas, pastas, etc. This opened recently and is Tony De Luca's second place.