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Aug 31, 2007 12:51 PM

Best Happy Hour for a Beer Enthusiast?

Did I write enthusiast? I meant snob. Prefer small American brewers (Bear Republic, Six Points, Rogue, etc., but a solid international selection sure would be exciting).

Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Staten Island Ferry, wherever: Where do you go to get your hops & malt fix for less than $5 a pop?

As a reference point, I can't seem to find anything that beats Drop Off Service in the EV - $3 draughts until 8pm, 10-15 beers on tap (domestic and otherwise), occasional casks, plenty of foggy memories the following morning.

I also love Blind Tiger's selection, but $1 off can only buy so much goodwill and great swill.

If the price is right, maybe I'll be there to buy your next round...

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