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Aug 31, 2007 12:09 PM

Brunch in Bayside, anyone?

Isn't it a shame when the only decent brunch in our parts is Jackson Hole? We tried PLUM (on Bell Blvd.) this summer, and it was okay. They were still working out some kinks. (Who burns French toast?) Is there anywhere else we should try? I'm not an egg-lover, but my hubby is. I'm more into the carbs--pancakes, waffles, french toast. Sigh. Please help!

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  1. oooohhh.... good one. we need a brunch place in Bayside for sure! I live around the corner from Plum. I think the bruch is great there, the cocktails are small but spot on and delicious. (plumtinis are good). The salmon was cooked perfectly on delicious bread and served with greens the way i like, acidic with fresh lemon juice. Good deal for seafood at brunch. You cant really mess up nutella, but the croissant with bananas and nutella is soooooo good. I did have eggs there once that were sort of dry and nothing special. i would give it another try before you write it off.

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      bourbon street on bell bvd (near Uncle Jacks) also offers brunch. i shy away from bourbon street becase there is a certain boozy smokey element to the place, but the food is decent to good. If its not too crowded you can sit at the bar for 10 bucks or so. Dont quote me on price, but very cheap.

    2. nothing new to suggest, other than the Blue Bay Diner. I really miss Patrick's Pub! (Little Neck)

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        I had bananas foster french toast on vacation, and I'm wishing we had a place that did breakfast like that...I guess I'll stick with Jackson Hole and Plum (ok, I'll give it another try) until someplace else comes along...

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          when i lived out in eastern queens, the one place i wish i had tried for brunch was a place in little neck on northern blvd, called la baraka. it's french-moroccan and apparently they had a great brunch/lunch.

          and why not try dim sum, a queens favorite for "brunch"? flushing has some of the best places in nyc, don't just limit yourself to typical brunch fare...

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            i have also heard great things about baraka, i am dying to go there. I did not know they had brunch, good tip. My fiancee swears by the Chesters brunch, though he is easily wooed by a good bloody mary! I have not been there but he says they have a ....." cajun/ irish brunch". go figure. 50+ crowd!!!

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              i haven't been there for brunch, but this very good, charming italian place on the corner of bell and horace harding ( i forget the name) serves brunch on sundays that's supposed to be great. All of their dishes are made with care by an older Italian immigrant woman. the place is family-owned, very cute and very good.

      2. Plums brunch is great and very fair pricing. Call ahead to make sure that they are not hosting these monster parties if you want a nice quiet brunch. They always have these big parties on the weekends. great place for a party,

        1. seems like you eat a lot greekgddss...