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Aug 31, 2007 11:58 AM

Bonobo Pizza?

There's a new pizza joint next to Caiolla's on Pine St. -has anyone been?
Other things beside pizza?

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  1. I've been a couple of times. Nothing besides pizza, except salads. The pizza is ethereal, and the toppings are organic and interesting. They appear to still be tinkering with the crust (it's gone from light and chewy to light and crispy). The first time I was there I actually saw Stephen Lanzalotta picking up pizzas to go; there's an endorsement for you.

    I do have a few complaints, mainly having to do with kid-friendliness (which may not matter to you): the pizzas only come in one size, 13", which is way too big even for two small kids, so the last time we were there we got slices for them, which appeared to have been sitting around a while (not that the kids cared; they happily eat the pizza at Hadlock). And they don't serve milk, so the kids end up drinking Limonata.

    But there is one other thing besides pizza--ice cream! They get ice cream and sorbetto from Maple's Organics! Absolutely fantastic.

    1. The Maine Switch published a raview of it a couple weeks ago:

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        I finally went to Bonobo yesterday to eat and i think they've got the best pizza in portland. the wood fired oven makes a great difference in the crust quality. they seem to use fresh ingredients and have some great concepts of pizzas offered. i also feel the size is a perfect size for 2 people to share one.