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Aug 31, 2007 11:22 AM

Outdoor Pubs on Northside

Would like the names of some outdoor pubs on the northside - with good food - for book club discussion group.

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  1. Moodys - Broadway and Thorndale

    T's - Clark and Winnemac

    Both have a large enough space to accompany a book club. Moodys probably offers the best noise level.

    1. Duke of Perth
      2913 N. Clark St.

        1. re: blondie60614

          The pig is a cafe, not a pub. Unless they recently got a liquor license, the most potent stupor-inducing beverage is probably the nutmeg in the chai. Great sandwiches tho'.

          Speaking of sammiches, for a place that serves liquor as well, I highly recommend Jerry's in Wicker Park:

          Great beer selection, a really spicy 'indian' bloody mary (to die for if you like it spicy), and the breads are great. What really makes the sandwich is the condiments, I personally think the interplay between their southwest mayo and chipotle chutney is divine, just add the meat/veggie combo you like. Oh, and just FYI, they have a super complicated menu, which sometimes throws their staff off, so make sure your server understands the specifics of your order or you might get something different.

          1. re: Chicagoist

            Yes, the Bourgeois Pig is just a cafe, but would be ideal for a book club

          1. re: michparent

            Not sure whether I'd say it's book discussion "friendly," but I would say that there's no better pub in Chicago in terms of food.

          2. Kuma's on Belmont just west of Elston serves great food and has a cozy patio.
            O'Donnovan's on Irving Park Road 1 block west of Damen has a fulltime outdoor bar as opposed to a barless outdoor patio which is unheard of in the city.
            The Village Tap in Roscoe Village on Roscoe has a very nice outdoor patio.
            Resi's Bier Stube on Irving Park Road has a great authentic German Beer Garden and great food and an amazing German Beer selection.
            Witt's on Lincoln avenue in Lakeview has a large quiet patio, great pub atmosphere and very good bar food.
            Fearons at Wellington and Ashland has a topnotch bar menu since Sean Fearon took over and there's a large side patio.
            Volo Wine Bar on Roscoe at Damen has a beautiful rear patio.