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Aug 31, 2007 11:11 AM

Good Italian-SFV

Need rec for tonight for good homemade Italian food in the SFV. Prefer under $25.00 per person if possible.

Happy Holiday everyone.

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    1. Oliva in Sherman Oaks

      Love Il Tiramisu, but don't think you can get out cheap enough.

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      1. re: Emme

        You can at Il Tiramisu, especially for lunch, but if you're careful at dinner, you can.

        1. Spumoni, on Ventura just west of Van Nuys. Get the gnocchi (any kind) and the fantastic calamari appetizer (not fried, it's simmered in red sauce and wine and is so good you'll lick the bowl).

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Thanks for the rec's... Anything on the west end of the SFV?

            1. re: SIMIHOUND

              Villa Piacere, though it's more about the romantic patio than the food. (The food's tasty enough, but not sublime.)

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Do not go to Villa Piacere. I had one of the most disgraceful meals at Villa Piacere in June. I posted about the experience:

                That was one of the worst meals I have ever had at an LA restaurant, and I was horribly embarrassed because I had recommended it.

                1. re: Jwsel

                  Hm... I was just there recently and I didn't have any problems. Perhaps your experience (or mine) was an exception?

              2. re: SIMIHOUND

                Boy, out west, Italian is more difficult than in the central and east Valley. Italian is one thing the Valley does not really get like the 323 or 310 area codes, regarding of pricepoints. Nice people run these places, but the food tastes all the same - ho hum
                But if you want some delicious food in that price range, I had dinner at Gorikee in Woodland Hills on Tuesday night, and had some of the best food at without question some of the best prices you can ever possibly want. Truly a wonder. In the center with Jerry's Deli on Ventura Blvd, and is located in the far northerly corner behind Western Bagel. Byo corkage is very reasonable as well. Best seabass, as an example, at $21 I believe.
                But it is not homemade Italian, but International with a slightly Japanese focus. Red sauce does not apply here, nor will it with Piacere, btw!

            2. Vitello's is nothing to write home about -- below average fare. Spumoni in Sherman Oaks is good. Maggianos in Woodland Hills has very good traditional Italian -- large portions at resonable prices. Rosti in Encino is also worth checking out. Not much else to write about on the west side of the valley.

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              1. re: chowchi1

                Au Contraire. some of us like IlTiramisu and Gio-both far better than Rosti. There's also panzanella, though I've never been, and Barone's-all 4 beat Spumoni

                1. re: Diana

                  I can't agree, Diana -- I'd rather go to Spumoni than Il Tiramisu any day. Haven't been to Gio or Panzanella.

                  Maggiano's is just disgusting to me -- while the large portions at reasonable prices is right, the food itself is terribly oversalted. Also, traditional Italian it is definitely not -- it's a red-sauce Italian-American restaurant. Rosti (if that's the place next to the Barnes & Noble in Encino) was very expensive for what it is, a takeout place. You can get better takeout from Gelsons. Emme is right -- everything at Rosti tastes like they had an excess of rosemary after someone clipped the hedges outside.

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    I too love Spumoni's, particularly given the OP's request--under $25. It is casual, delicious, inexpensive, homey Italian food. (By the way, it would be very difficult maybe not possible to eat @ Panzanella for under $25). For somewhat more expensive Italian (altho pastas would keep the meal under $25), I highly recommend Ca' Del Sol near Universal. Wonderful pastas, great chicken, excellent osso bucco, etc. Attractive patio.

                    1. re: archer

                      I also recommend Spumoni. The food is excellent and the prices are great. It's one of the best values in the Valley.

                2. re: chowchi1

                  this is after the fact anyway, but Rosti is horrible. when i went to the bowl to see south pacific, someone in the group brought food from there, and it was all dry, overseasoned w/ rosemary... blech. and not cheap enough to say, "well at least it wasn't a lot of money."