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Aug 31, 2007 10:57 AM

Quick Lunch at One @ the Hazelton

Popped in for a quick lunch at the bar of Mark McKewan's new restaurant One at Yorkville & Hazeleton. The patio was booked solid (2nd day open) so I sat at the bar. Amazing room you can see that money was no object in everything. Open and airy yet still cozy... unlike JK Gardiner which is open and airy but feels cold. They say they are open 365 days a year and 24hours a day BUT quilified it saying that was for room service :-) restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner until 2am each night.

I ordered the mini burger trio and a cocktail. The staf was very pleasant but a bit overwhemled by the newness of everything so I forgive them for not describing what each burger was.. 3 mini burgers $24 same size as at Trevors for almost twice the price.. but hey this is yorkville.. nice and juicy and pink in the middle. first had a hard cheese and grilled onions, 2nd had avacado, 3rd had an unknown tastey substance :-) nice light lunch but not something I will do too often as my budget does not do $43 lunches.

I will definately go back for dinner with a special someone who will appreciate the decor, quality and the flavours...

One has definately brought the quality of yorkville up a couple of notches..

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  1. LOL, spoken like a true chowhound. You don't need to know what it is to for it to be tasty..
    "unknown tastey substance :-) "

    Thx for the review.

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      Thank you for the great review. I will definetely drop by these days.
      Do you know their website? Is the dinner menu slightly more expensive?
      How does the food compare with Bymark, in your opinion?

      1. re: happycamper

        Website: (but no menus)

        Here is a dinner menu that was floating around from before they opened :




        Served by the 1/2dozen Market Price
        Kusshi - British Columbia
        Lameque verte - New Brunswick
        Raspberry Point - Prince Edward Island

        Cured Tasmanian sea trout 18
        with lemon coriander vinaigrette 18
        Terrine of foie gras with pickled cherries and brioche 26
        Duck ham with herb salad and figs 19
        Lobster spoons, tempura and butter braised 23
        Crisp bacon, scambled egg and truffle 17
        Seared foie gras with split pit peaches 30
        Crostini with fava puree, manchego and olive oil 7


        Wild arugula with mission figs 14
        Roasted carrot, avocado and orange salad
        with cumin and coriander 14
        Mixed heirloom tomatoes with basil vinaigrette 17
        Roasted beet salad with tarragon 15
        Organic greens with herbs and shallot vinaigrette 14
        Chopped Caesar salad with reggiano crisps
        and sun spot tomatoes 15
        Warm bean salad vinaigrette 13

        (Individual servings)

        Golden gazpacho with basil oil and sea salt 12
        Chicken noodle soup 12
        Leek heart foam with scallions, foie gras and truffle butter 13


        Braised rabbit ravioli with pancetta and sage 22
        BBQ rib ravioli with seared scallops and miso glaze 24
        Parpadelle with butter roasted mushrooms and chives 20
        Spaghetti aglio olio with chilies 16
        Bucatini with veal ricotta meatballs and tomatoes 20

        FISH & SEAFOOD

        Oven roasted Alaskan black cod 35
        Atlantic halibut with Dungeness crab 36
        Grilled tuna with Moroccan rub 36
        Pan seared perch with parsley butter 29
        Grilled sardines with preserved lemon and olive oil 28
        Butter braised 1/2 lobster with seared scallion Market Price
        Roasted Tasmanian sea trout with soy lacquer 32
        Seared scallops in natural sauce 32
        Grilled rainbow trout organic with citrus salsa 26


        Whole roasted organic rainbow trout (boneless
        )with parsley citrus butter. 42


        Roasted Braised beef short ribs with
        horseradish and parsley 25
        Confit of pork belly with stewed apricots 25
        Grilled 12 oz. USDA Prime strip steak
        (aged 8 weeks) 42
        Roasted squab with confit legs, oven roasted
        peaches and natural juices 40
        Ultimate street burger 29
        Grilled beef tenderloin with seared foie gras 52
        16 oz. Bone in rib steak 52
        Roasted sweet breads with onion puree 32


        Roasted heirloom carrots 12
        Roasted organic beets 12
        Buttered Swiss chard with shallots 10
        Rapini with preserved chili and garlic 10
        Sweet peas with mint, braised onion and pancetta 11
        Creamed corn with chives 10
        Roasted king mushrooms 13
        Artichokes with butter 12


        Creamy spun potatoes with chives 9
        Crisp frites with citrus garlic aioli 9
        Crisp frites with truffle and reggiano 12
        Sweet pea risotto with lemon and mint 13
        Roasted fingerling potatoes with onion 9
        Roasted field tomatoes risotto with parsley 13
        Tempura onion rings with scallion chili dip 10

        4:30 PM - MIDNIGHT

        At ONE all dishes are designed to be shared.
        Main courses are served unaccompanied and their side dishes must be chosen.


        As I said I just had a quick lunch with one dish so I cannot compare to Bymark But the feel is definately more 5 Star Hotel then Bay Street Broker Club if you know what I mean..

        1. re: OnDaGo

          There's a website specific to the restaurant - which includes menus - at

          1. re: gregclow

            Thanks! I knew I saw it as I downloaded the menu but could not find it again... you would think they would link it from the other...