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Aug 31, 2007 10:20 AM

Ssam or Degustation?

Wife and I have a rare night out w/out the baby - which of these places should we eat at? I'm holding a table at Degustation but have been wanting to eat from the full Ssam menu for a long time now... give pros/cons of each if you can???

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  1. I like Momofuku Ssam better. I wasn't wowed by the food at Degustation, but I know I'm in the minority on that.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Agree on both points. I'm one of the few in the camp that didn't really like the food at degustation. That being said, it's an awesome space - much more intimate and serene than MSB, which is very high-energy and can get raucous at times.

      1. re: Lucia


        You are not the minority (or I am in the minority as well), as after all these visits to both, I think I will pick ssam bar as well.

      2. If you like offals/ pork / vegetables / spicy / Asian flavors - Momofuku Ssam
        if you like seafood (cooked) / Spanish - French flavors / quiet space / wine - Degustation

        1. Ahh...tough call as I love both places. Both small plates, both great for sampling a number of dishes and sharing everything. Degustation is certainly the more intimate of the two (I believe it only seats 16) and it's quite the treat to sit and watch the preparation work going on inside the bar. It has more quiet and reserved atmosphere and would perhaps be better for catching up, since Momofuku Ssam tends to be quite loud and lively during the most popular dining hours. That said, every dish I've ever had at Momofuku has been a winner, and when we were there on Sunday we had some truly delicious pork ribs. I personally think of Degustation as more of a special occasion place and Momofuku as more of an every night drop in kind of place, though that's probably mostly because of atmosphere. Price points are similar and, as I've said, food is great at both places. Enjoy your night out!

          1. DEFINITELY Degustation! I've tried both and while a couple of dishes at Momofuku Ssam were good (i.e. the pork buns), everything else was pretty mediocre. Degustation, in my opinion, is more inventive. Every single dish I've tried (and I've tried most of them) have been amazing. You should go for the lamb belly, suckling pig, croquettas, and short rib-stuffed squid. They also have a pretty decent wine list.