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Aug 31, 2007 10:00 AM

Knife Sharpening in Rhode Island.

Anyone have a recommendation?

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  1. Got mine done at the knife shop in the providence place mall, they did a great job. In a stunning display of cleverness, I think it's called cutting edge?

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      Thanks for the reply. What was the turn around time on the sharpening?

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          I think they also have a place in the emerald sq mall; admittedly Mass not RI, but depending on where you are it might be closer.

      1. re: celeriac

        Do you remember what the cost was at the cutting edge?

      2. If you do a search for knife sharpening on the boards, someone mentioned that they can get their knives sharpened for free at (at least their) Shaw's Supermarket... That might be worth a try.

        I don't know if they'd take off too much of the blade or not, but if you don't have superb knives to start with, I wouldn't worry much. The cost of paying someone to do sharpening probably wouldn't be worth it.

        Best, of course, would be to learn how to sharpen your own knives with a sharpening stone -- it isn't too hard.

        1. There is a place in Newport called Colonial Fix It Shop - on Washington Square, next to the Jane Pickens theatre.. he did a great job on my knive, even flattened out the bent tip (a fall onto a tile floor). Don't remember the cost or the turn around time though.

          1. Has anyone tried Cove Cutlery in Charlestown? Do they sharpen knives?

            1. Adlers on wickenden has someone who does it for $2-3 per knife, with a week turn around.

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                Wow, really? Adlers just rocks... I'll have to call them and check.

                - Garris

                PS: Great thread BTW everyone... This is what Chow is best for...

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                  adlers has a one week turn around. Sat-Sat. They charge $4-5 per knife