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Aug 31, 2007 09:50 AM

Good inexpensive grocery in DC

Just moved to DC and can't seem to find a good grocery - e.g., fruits and veggies, as well as pantry items - for a decent price. Dupont area suggestions would be nice, but any great suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

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  1. The Safeway is your friend.

    You do realize we name them in DC?

    1. Ugh. Safeway. I say hop on the metro and get thee to the Columbia Heights Giant, at least they have more a selection than the Soviet Safeway on 17th. If you don't have a car nor the time to want to rent a zipcar and head to the burbs, there's always Peapod. Though, Giant is just as bad as Safeway. Supposedly Trader Joes is moving into Adams Morgan over on U and California where Mint is.

      1. Whie not inexpensive, you are right there for the Dupont farmers market each Sunday. It's addictive.

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          I like to go to the latin markets in Mount Pleasant Columbia Heights neighborhood. They are actually a lot cheaper then Giant ans Safeway

        2. Peapod is a great option even though they run out of stuff and that can be annoying. If you can get to the burbs Wegman's is huge and you can stock up on stuff. I normally only have to shop once a month. Or Costco at Pentagon City isn't bad but bulk in small spaces is sometimes hard.

          1. I haven't lived in DC for a few years, but I always loved the Shoppers Food Warehouse in Virginia. Great prices, but I think you would need a car.

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