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Aug 31, 2007 09:28 AM

The odd cravings and dislikes of a pregnant woman [Moved from General Topics board]

I've always been facinated with how pregnancy messes with a woman's food sense. Every person I know can recall at least one thing they loved and one thing they couldn't even look at for the nine (ten) months they were pregnant. I found out two months ago that I was pregnant with my first child and was interested to see how this would affect me.

So far, I haven't found myself craving things I previously hated, but am now happily eating 3 pieces of bread and butter instead of my pasta or rice and am always craving anything with melted cheese (although with my tagline, that's not too far off course). As you can imagine, grilled cheese is my new ecstasy=)
I am finding things that are turning me off. Large pieces of meat do nothing for me- only cut pieces will do. And although I've always been a huge condiment fan, I'm finding the thought and sight of mayonnaise to be completely repulsive.

I'm interested in seeing what comes next, and whether or not my tastes go back to "normal".

I'd love to hear from others on their (or their spouses) odd cravings and dislikes. Also, is it the same throughout, or do I have more to look forward to.

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  1. I'm 6 months along. I've been VERY lucky - no real morning sickness (aside from a few bouts of queasiness), no gross-outs or anything like that. Nothing turned me off, nothing became off limits (except for health reasons - soft cheeses and sushi and the sort).

    As far as cravings go - it changes. The only constant craving is cheese, comfort-type food (mac and cheese, mashed potatoes) and bacon.

    Nothing tastes different to me either. I haven't lost a taste for anything I previously loved. (My sister who had her baby 2 months ago, lost her taste for chocolate - I was horrified! Luckily I still eat it with the same abandon!)

    1. I worked with a woman who told me when she was pregnant (she had 4 children) she craved pb and sardine sandwiches.

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        I put extra mayo on almost EVERYTHING, it was quite disgusting and now 18 years later I can only take a tiny bit, any extra and I feel sick. Funny side note my son HATES mayo, the sight, (or sound coming from the jar) makes him gag.

      2. I craved (or ate a lot of) celery and pancakes - not together!
        The only thing that made me want to barf was fresh or pickled ginger. I know ginger is supposed to have anti-nausea properties but it gave me nausea.
        The only change afterwards is that I've always been a potato chips/salt craver and didn't care much for sweets - now I want cookies and chocolate. I'm hoping to go back to my salt craving ways at some point.

        1. Congratulations Jessicheese!

          I craved oranges during all three of my pregnancies and once had a mad crazy craving in the middle of the night for a McDonalds cheeseburger. Mr CF was a sweetie and ran out and got one for me. :-)

          Tomatoes on the other hand... I craved them at first and then apparently had an over dose and couldn't look at them for 6 years. Fortunately, I love them again!

          Good luck and have fun!

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            Interesting, about the oranges. I had a classmate who told me that when she was pregnant, she craved oranges so much that she ate them whole, skins and all. *blech* One night her husband came home and found her hunched over the kitchen sink, eating through a whole net bag. She and I agreed she must have been Vitamin C deficient.

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              Im pregnant my 3rd time and this time with twins and I find that a lot of what I usually like make me sick like my husband was eating chesters fried chicken which omg do I love but I couldnt be in the same room the smell made me wanna upchuck... ive wanted milk, cheese, strawberries, kiwi, shrimp... potatoes and oddly ive wanted bread and butter pickles... cant eat pizza, mc donalds or really not any fast food unlike with my daughter almost 8 months ago this pregnancy is totally different and heartburn and nausea everyday all day...

            2. When my wife was pregnant with our daughter last year, she craved beef, and steak. this was odd because before she was pregnant, and since she has given birth she does not really care for beef but prefers chicken, and pork.

              I love beef, and loved that my wife would request a steak, or a beef roast every other day when she was pregnant.

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                  perhaps, baby was healthy, and at 9 months was already walking.. She also has developed a taste for me(beef, pork, chicken).. Perhaps its in her genes. ; )

                2. re: swsidejim

                  I had a friend years ago who was vegetarian. She said when she was pregnant she craved T-bone steak.