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Aug 31, 2007 09:04 AM

Pig Stand

I keep seeing mention of this franchise on the Food Network. I know it's the first drive thru and they all closed in Dallas. Does anyone know where the closest one to Dallas is located?

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  1. Those must be old shows. The company was based in San Antonio, had locations there, in Seguin, Houston and Beaumont, but went into bankruptcy last year and all were closed (locations in BMT had been sold off previously, I think). The Houston location sits vacant still but there's lots of development in that part of town and I wouldn't be surprised to see it bulldozed for something new.

    Google on 'Texas Pig Stands' and look for articles from the San Antonio Business Journal probably if there are any updates.

    Was the first drive-in, not drive-thru; supposedly invented Texas Toast and Onion Rings, too.

    1. I'm pretty sure there's but one Pg Stand left...under the overpass area north of downtown in the Broadway/Josephine area of San Antonio.

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        You're correct. The one by me in the King William area (on S. St. Mary's) is closed.

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          There was one in Austin in the 60s where I met my wife.

        2. The Pig Stand on Broadway closed briefly last year but has re-opened and has the same menu. They have a really good pork loin sandwich, excellent onion rings and what I consider the best fried chicken in SA other than Earl Abel's.

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            I just ate there again a couple of weeks ago. They have added some barbecued meats to the menu as well as some german pork based items. I had a fried pork cutlet that was ok. Nothing to write home about. They still have lunch specials every day that seem to be popular among the locals. I forgot to ask if they are still open 24 hours. The manager and the staff are very nice and accomodating.