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Aug 31, 2007 08:53 AM

Evanston, IL - Great Mexican

For a wonderful, fresh, mexican treat try Tacos del Lago. They are located at 822 Clark Street in Evanston. I had steak tacos and hubby suiza chicken enchiladas, both very tasty and fresh. Relaxed, casual atmosphere, and very reasonably priced.

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  1. Is the steak char-grilled or fried on the griddle?

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      LOL - I just called. They claim it is made on a gas grill. Menu prices on line look to be a few sheckles on the high side (tacos 2.00, burritos 5.50,) but it's Evanston, I guess. The masses up there may be used to garbage meat taqueria food, and willing to pay a premium for something better. I'd try it if I was up that way.

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      1. I had their mole and it was pretty good. The owner was there and seemed very nice, too.

        1. Just went to TDL the other day. Fair but not the style I was looking for. I think char-grilled skirt steak burritos fall into two categories, ones with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and then the cheese-onion-cilantro variety. I prefer the latter.

          The burrito at TDL is very similar to the one found at Tacos el Norte, a chain of low price dine-in Mexican joints spread around the burbs. The steak is grilled (char marks are present), a little tough, and leaner than the steak at places like Las Asadas and La Pasadita. Also, they are served cut in half and this allows the liquid from the lettuce and tomatoes to escape onto the plate.

          If you like the less greasy TDL burrito, this place isn't bad. But they need to work on the green and red salsas served with the chips. I didn't get much flavor from the tomatoes and tomatillos. In fact, the salsas' pale colors suggest to me that they spent too much time in the food processor.